Red Dead Redemptoin "Walton's Gold" Co Op Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemptoin "Walton's Gold" Co Op Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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“Walton’s Gold”

“Walton’s Gold” is one of the more interesting Red Dead Redemption Co Op Missions. You and your partners will have to infiltrate the Gaptooth Ridge mine, liberate some gold, and get out alive with it.

You’ll start the mission just outside the mine. A gang of bad guys waits to stop you from entering, so a frontal assault isn’t the best idea here. Between the Gatling guns on the hill and dynamite-throwing fat guys down below, a flanking approach is probably the best idea. Follow the cart tracks up and around the left side of the hill.

Head toward the gunners atop the mine entrance and take them out, then use their Gatling guns to deal with the other bad guys below. Once the area is clear, head back down and into the mine to continue.

Into the Mine

Revolver in Red Dead Redemption

Inside, the mine, the tight quarters can lead to instant death if you’re not careful. Stick with your squad, and watch for bad guys approaching on the mini map. Take out any TNT you come across from a safe distance, otherwise you risk getting blown up when one of the miners shoots it out from under you.

Several groups of miners will attempt to stop your advance into the mine, but just keep shooting and you’ll be okay. There are lots of places to take cover in the mine, so make use of them and shoot both dynamite caches and lanterns when your enemies hunker down nearby.

Gold Digger

Inside the mine, you’ll have five minutes to get your gold, load it into a cart, and escape. Once you’ve cleared out most of the bad guys, getting the gold is pretty easy. Just keep in mind that every time you pick up a sack, it only counts once, despite the fact that you can clearly see two bags slung over your shoulder.

Pick up the requisite number of bags and load them into the cart at the bottom of the mine. When you’re ready, start pushing it out. You can only head in one direction, and although it’s the opposite direction of the single-player campaign, it will lead to the surface.

Gold Rush

Gatling Gun in Red Dead Redemption

Once you’re outside, the mine collapses, and another group of Walton’s men rush in to retake their gold. You’ll start out inside the large building outside the mine, surrounded by bad guys. There is an ammo crate inside with you, so you can hold out here for quite some time if need be.

Shoot any bad guys you can see through the windows, and watch the mini map for guys headed near the doors. Once the outlaws are thinned out a bit, you can risk running for the Gatling gun near the door on the left side of the building, just watch out for bad guys spawning behind you.

After several waves of reinforcements, you’ll take out the last of the bad guys and be allowed to escape with your gold.

Your mission is complete.

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