Red Dead Redemption "The River" Co Op Mission Walkthrough and Guide

Red Dead Redemption "The River" Co Op Mission Walkthrough and Guide
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The Red Dead Redemption Co Op mission “The River” should remind veteran players of the “And We Shall Be Together in Paradise” mission during the single-player campaign.

You and your partners will be floating down the river on a raft, but this time Irish is no where to be seen.

“The River”

You’ll open “The River” on approach to a small dock on the Mexican side of the river. Outlaws will attack as you come closer, so take cover on the raft and take them out. Once you’ve docked, another wave of bad guys will start shooting, so find some cover and dispose of them as well.

Once the area is clear, you’ll need to head over to Crooked Toes and take out what’s left of the gang. Fill up on ammo at the dock, then head inland and into a firefight.

As you approach Crooked Toes, bad guys will ambush you. Find some cover, and keep shooting until they’re all dead. Watch out for the reinforcements that spawn behind you.

Pick up any ammo or weapons you find, and head back to the raft and set sail once more.

Rollin’ on the River

Red Dead Redemption Combat

As you disembark once more, a raft loaded with bad guys appears on the river. You can either take them out individually or aim for the dynamite cache on board and blow them all away simultaneously.

After the raft is dealt with, hordes of outlaws will spawn to your left. Keep behind cover on the raft and keep shooting as you float past. Several different waves will spawn, so keep an eye on your mini map.

As your raft starts to float back toward the American side of the river, another wave of angry bad guys will start shooting from the shore. Kill them before you get too close.

One more raft loaded with enemies approaches, and you can deal with it in the exact same manner as the last.

The Scratching Post

Your boat will dock once again at The Scratching Post. As you approach, shoot any bad guys who are unlucky enough to pop up from behind cover. Once you hit land, stick with your partners and take out the bad guys in and around the small house.

Watch for more enemies spawning further down the road. Don’t turn your back to them or you’ll find a bullet in it before you know what hit you.

Take this opportunity to stock up on ammo before you head back to the boat.

Rollin’ Part 2

Your final destination is Nosalida. Along the way, you’ll have to contend with bad guys taking pot shots from the shore and a few on a raft loaded with dynamite.

Stay in cover on the raft and just keep blasting away.

Showdown at Nosalida

Red Dead Redemption Weapons Dynamite

The final section of the mission is in Nosalida. You’ll need to pick up the explosives marked with a gun icon on your map, and use them to blow up several supply crates scattered throughout the town.

Of course, you’ll have to do all this while fending off a few dozen angry members of the Mexican Army.

Stick with your teammates and pay special attention to the fire bottle throwing riders. Keep moving and shooting, use your explosives to blow up crates and the bad guys guarding them, and you’ll be successful.

Once all the crates are taken care of, the mission is complete.

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