What Changes Will There Be To PES 2011 For The Wii?

What Changes Will There Be To PES 2011 For The Wii?
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What Changes Will There Be To PES 2011 For The Wii?

A new year always brings an annual sporting, in this case Soccer or Association Football, release of some description. This October, Konami are once again throwing their dice on the craps table, releasing the next iteration of the venerable & successful Pro Evolution Soccer series with PES 2011. In lieu of this release, they have decided to yet again produce a deserving Nintendo Wii version, with its own idiosyncracies and differences to that of its predecessor.

This article looks into the series supposed overhaul for PES 2011 with specific attention being given to the Wii version of the game. Hopefully by the end of this article you will have specific knowledge on the question of what changes will there be to PES 2011 for the Wii console. Without further ado; continue on for the rundown of new features and further extensions of the PES 2011 experience on Wii.

Control Schemes In PES 2011 Wii

First up on the list of new additions to the game come from the control system and its inherent differences between the Wii and other consoles or on personal computers. Due to the use of the Wii remote, players engaged in what was dubbed “Playmaker Style” controls, utilising the fundamental motion and pointer technology.

In PES 2011 however, players will be able to choose between two separate control options, with the second style using the classic controller for some retrograde Pro Evolution gameplay. Also the addition of filters during the online mode, which makes selectable control styles of opponents an option, helps to create a smoother transition between the two differing and wholly compartmentalized control styles.

Gameplay & Roster Updates To PES 2011 Wii

Features found in the updated PES 2011 on other consoles also make their way to the new Wii version of the game. Things including 360 degree control of passing and movement with the analogue stick on the nunchuk controller have been made available across platforms. The new additions that are far reaching aren’t just limited to gameplay and animation improvements however, as PES 2011 features the Copa Libertadores competitions, bringing over 40 South American clubs to the game’s ever growing roster.

PES Wii 004

New gameplay features entirely unique to the Wii version of PES 2011 include tweaks to set-pieces and new innovative ways to manage these crucial dead ball situations. Unlike PES 2010 or 2009 before it, PES 2011 Wii allows players to adjust there camera view in real-time during set-plays, such as corners or free-kicks. Doing this can give players a better field of vision on when and where to place the ball in certain places across the opponents box or back line. Furthermore, the ability to direct individual player movements during set-pieces allows a Madden influenced play book option, complete with movement arrows and player mapping.

Answering The Question of What Changes Will There Be To PES 2011 For The Wii

Lastly, Konami are touting a deeper and more tightly made online experience for the Wii user, integrating itself into the WiFi connectivity of the console’s somewhat dubious multiplayer history. With better net code and the use of filters, divisions and stat tracking, the online mode seems to replicate at least some of the features found in the other platforms PES counterparts.

With such a cabal of new options and features being added to this years PES incarnation, it seems wise to assume that the question of “what changes will there be to PES 2011 for the Wii?” has been acceptably answered, as well as offering a taste of the oncoming content inherent to the early October release.

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