PC Gaming Gear

PC Gaming Gear

A Complete Gaming PC for less than $1000

In this second and final article of this series, I’ll talk about the external components and the OS I selected to complete your sub-$1000 gaming PC system. All items come from Newegg.com. Many items of this system are not on sale, so the total price is highly likely to go down in the short term.

The Five Best Gaming Notebooks

Shopping for a new gaming notebook can be tough. There are so many manufacturers, models, and features that it can sometimes be hard to tell which are the best. This article will examine five of the best notebooks for gamers.

PC Gaming Hardware Review: Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Review

Joysticks are one of those nifty input devices for a computer that can give more precise control to players, typically when flying is involved. The Logitech Extreme 3D Pro is one of many joysticks available on the market, and one of several from Logitech. Given the features of this device and the price, the Extreme 3D Pro is one of the better joysticks currently on the market.