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    • Budget Gaming PC Setup Parts List: the External Components and the Operating System
      In this second and final article of this series, I'll talk about the external components and the OS I selected to complete your sub-$1000 gaming PC system. All items come from Newegg.com. Many items of this system are not on sale, so the total price is highly likely to go down in the short term.
    • Graphics Card Guide for Gamers
      Looking to buy a new gaming computer? Want to upgrade your video card? Need to know the system requirements to a certain game? This article guides you on how to that, and more.
    • Quick, to the Man-Cave! Hints and Tips for Developing an Electronic Gaming Room
      Gaming is a hobby with a wide variety of interest and dedication levels, and players who are dedicated to their pastime may find a private gaming room in their best interest. Learn what factors you should consider with Bright Hub's guide to game room design.
    • The Top 10 Gaming Keyboards for the Best Gaming Experience
      Are you bored with your current keyboard? Are you looking for a gaming keyboard that helps you play your games faster and smarter? This article will look at ten of the best gaming keyboards available on the market.
    • Gaming Gear: Mobile Gaming Essentials
      Gaming on the go can be great deal of fun, but getting the most out of a LAN party or just gaming on the road, in terms of both kill-count and practicality, can be helped with the right gaming gear.
    • Gaming Gear: Best PC Gaming Monitors
      When gamers think of the components most critical to the gaming experience, most gamers don't think of monitors. But monitors are in fact crucial to gaming. High-color, sharp monitors can improve gaming greatly, and the three monitors listed here are among the best for gamers.
    • Gunnar i-AMP 3D Onyx Glasses Review
      How well do these pricey new glasses hold up and are they worth it with all those other brand name 3D glasses out there? Keep reading to find out.
    • How to Make a Sony PS3 Sixaxis Controller Work with Windows XP or Vista
      With the right drivers, you can use the Sony PlayStation 3 Sixaxis controller just like a regular gamepad on your PC. These instructions are for Windows XP and Vista systems only. There is a separate article that provides instructions on Windows 7.
    • Must Have PC Game Controllers
      Playing computer games is fun. Playing computer games only with a mouse and keyboard isn’t always so fun. Check out this article to find out which controllers work best for your video games. Also, find out how to get your current XBOX 360 controller or PS3 controller to work on your PC!
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