Battle of the Immortals Berserker guide for beginners

Battle of the Immortals Berserker guide for beginners
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Wrath Of The Berserker

One of the newer MMOs from Perfect World Entertainment’s large cache of projects is the Diablo-esque, hack-and-slash action-oriented MMORPG, Battle of the Immortals. The isometric MMO is a game that sports five different character classes and nearly innumerable amounts of customization options for each class. The starting classes include a Berserker, a Champion, a Slayer, a Magus and a Heretic. This Battle of the Immortals Berserker guide for beginners will help lay out all the necessary details on what to expect from a Berserker at the early goings of the game, as well as detail some of the lower-level skills that are available up to level 25.

Dealing The Damage

A low-level Berserker in-game

Just about every class in Battle of the Immortals is aimed at dealing massive damage one way or another. However, in BoI the Berserker class is considered a primary DPS class, similar to the brawlers on Ran Online, the gunners in DarkEden or the Scouts in Allods Online.

Berserkers mainly focus on using large weapons that unleash devastating attacks on enemies. These attacks can be complimented with additional damage dealt by a pet. The main focus of a Berserker at the early goings of the game is to deal a lot of critical damage over time. Unlike other DOTs from say Allods Summoners or Mages in Runes of Magic, the idea is that the slow but devastating attacks from a Berserker are to wear down enemies while dissipating much of the incoming damage.

Tricks Of The Trade: Part 1

Newb gear for a Berserker

The basic skills of a Berserker up to level 25 mostly include straightforward strikes and attacks with moderate cooldown times. Their heavy weapons and critical damage make them ideal for someone who is looking for a DPS-heavy class that stays consistent throughout the game, from start to finish. Skills are automatically unlocked for classes as they reach a certain level, but they can be further upgraded at the Skill Trainer in Atlantis. The skills of a Berserker are as follows:

Requisite Level 1 – Bash: A standard attack strike. Deals 100% (or more) attack damage plus additional bonus damage based on the level of the skill. It has a cooldown of 6 seconds and costs 39 MP to cast.

Requisite Level 1 – Rage: This is an XP move, which uses up XP points from the Rage meter. It requires 1000XP to execute this move, however, all enemies within the area receive 1400 bonus damage and are stunned for 5 seconds. This move ignores all enemy defenses and is perfect for a clutter of mobs.

Tricks Of The Trade: Part 2

Wielding a massive hammer

Requisite Level 10 – Sortie: This is a stun-lock maneuver that keeps enemies from casting, attacking or moving for 2 whole seconds. This move is excellent for crowd-controlling a mob while attacking another mob. This skill has a range of 12 meters and takes 40 seconds to cooldown. It also zaps 90 MP.

Requisite Level 10 – Sever: This has a 12 second cooldown and a rather short range of 5 meters, however, the Sever skill is extremely useful for dispatching single enemies. It sends a charged shockwave at an opponent that deals 100 points of damage and an additional 55% of damage. It also reduces the target’s defenses by 20 points for 8 seconds.

Requisite Level 25 – Savagery: A passive skill that automatically raises the character’s critical striking by 1%, initially. As players level their character, this skill becomes expensive to upgrade but it’s well worth it for maximizing continuous critical strikes.

Requisite Level 25 – War Roar: This is a very effective active skill that has a range of 10 meters, and increases you and up to 10 friendly teammates’ physical damage by 5 points for 10 minutes. This is an excellent party-grinding skill for those who love to party and dispatch hordes of mobs using double or triple experience bonuses.

Requisite Level 25 – Lunar Slash: This skill takes 81 MP to cast and has a range of 7 meters, inflicting 90% physical damage for up to 5 enemies within that range. It’s a good combo skill to wipe out mobs with low life.

Using Pets To Your Advantage

Running with a trusty pet

Considering that Berserkers have slow and cumbersome attacks at the early goings of the game, it would probably be best to stick with a pet that has quick attacks to compensate for some of the larger, slower skills that the Berserker performs.

The Foxhounds, one of the very first pets that can be captured, are also one of the best pets for a Berserker to have. While the Koala or the Demon may seem like good choices, the Fox tends to attack the quickest and despite being one of the first creatures that can be captured, they also happen to be one of the more reliable pets to level and keep at your side.

Don’t Forget To Combo

Fighting mobs in Atlantis

Before hitting level 25 the one thing to keep in mind while playing a Berserker is that they have excellent critical striking. It’s best to take advantage of their crits during combat by using strong attacks on one mob and then quickly selecting another mob to finish the rest of your skill combo(s). Otherwise, fighting mobs can become a boring and long-winded grind if you’re not in a party.

Hopefully this beginner’s guide for playing a Berserker in Battle of the Immortals helped clarify what the class is all about and put you on the right track of what to expect from them. For more class guides and quest walkthroughs of popular and fan-favorite MMOs, be sure to check them out right here at Bright Hub.

For further information on Battle of the Immortals, feel free to visit the Official Website.

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