Battle of the Immortals Preview and Beta Information

Battle of the Immortals Preview and Beta Information
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Perfect World Entertainment’s newest game, Battle of the Immortals, looks similar to their popular game, Perfect World,however it is quite different. Besides a fully different storyline, this MMO offers special things not many games do, like the NPC Buyback option, mounts and pets, and much more!

The Story

300 years after Ragnarock, the world of Battle of the Immortals, Motenia is still in chaos. Their “Goddess of Fate” looked into the future to guide the mortals in Motenia, and saw even more destruction caused by the man called “The Dragon Emperor.”

This Dragon Emperor was a wicked dictator known for tyranny and extremely cruel reign. Elves known as the “Witches of the Millennium” rebelled against the emperor, utilizing ancient magic and sealed the Dragon Emperor and his army in stone.

However, the Goddess of Fate saw that the evil Dragon Emperor will find a way to free himself and his army from stone and take vengeance on Motenia. Only those wielding great artifacts of power will stand any chance in defeating the Dragon Emperor and his army.


There are 5 classes in Battles of the Immortals: Berserker, Champion, Heretic, Magus, and Slayer.

Berserkers are well rounded, have good defense, health points and physical attack. It can pull off a large burst of damage in a short time, and it has AoE attacks which are highly needed in group events.

Champions are the tank class which have huge amounts of health and have high physical defenses. Each group should have one champion to take aggro.

Heretics are the healer class, the only one in Battle of the Immortals. They have good physical defense and healing skills, so they have the ability to solo besides just healing.

Magus have the best AoE out of the classes. They however have low defense and HP, but their high magic attack and AoE skills make up for that.

Slayers are like an Assassin or Thief class. It might seem boring starting out, but they have high damage output later on in the game.

New Player Gifts

Battle of the Immortals beta offers new players some great gifts just for starting out.

During the first 5 minutes, new players get a buff called “Deity’s Blessings” put right into your bag. This gives +50 Physical Attack Power and +50 Magical Attack Power for 30 minutes.

After the next 10 minutes, you get a free pet! A Koala pet egg magically will appear in your bag ready to be taken out as your companion.

After 15 more minutes, you will get a magnificent cape.

Finally, after 20 more minutes, your bag will automatically expand 5 more slots!


Guilds are available to join in Battle of the Immortals. Joining a guild is a great way to meet new friends in the game, take on quests, level up, and explore dungeons.


Battle of the Immortals: Mecha Mount

Players have the option of buying mounts in Battle of the Immortals to ride around on. Mounts are a much faster means of transportation than running around everywhere.

Getting your first mount is easy. All you need to do is go to the City of Atlantis and visit Knight Elder Mistra and accept the Manipulator quest and kill Hannibal. Even though you may complete the quest early, you can’t use your mount until you are level 25.

Mounts in Battle of the Immortals allow users the ability to upgrade their mounts by fortifying them with “Common Mount Gems.” You can buy these in the marketplace, or get them from quest rewards.

NPC Buyback

Selling something expensive on accident to a NPC vendor is something that has happened to most gamers. Battle of the Immortals saw that as something they could help their players out with, so they have the option setup that if you happen to sell something you want back to a vendor, you can buy it back!

In the Shop UI, there is a section labeled as “Buy Shop.” Items you sold will be there for purchase for you to buy back (for what you sold it as). The only drawback is that it only remembers the last 5 items you sold to the vendor. Anything beyond 5 items will be lost forever.

Like What You See? Get Started!

Getting started to play is easy. All you need to do is sign up for an account and begin downloading the client to play. Playing the Battle of the Immortals beta is free; however, you also have the option of buying “Zen” for further upgrades in the Marketplace in the game (though that is not necessarily needed).