Battle of the Immortals Champions guide

Battle of the Immortals Champions guide
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Hail The Champion

Perfect World Entertainment’s free-to-play, isometric hack-and-slash 3D MMORPG features a handful of classes. Much like other MMOs out there that keep the classes relative to roles that play very important parts later in the game, Battle of the Immortals keeps their five classes in line with the tanks, mages, damage dealers and healers. The Champion in the game is classified as a prime-defender, and where the class lacks the ability to dish out massive damage, it more than makes up for it with the skills to tank and absorb a lot of enemy punishment.

This Battle of the Immortals Champions guide for beginners will help point out some of the qualities and abilities that make a Champion worth playing, as well as a list of how the class’s skills breakdown.

The Champion’s Weapon Companions

A trusty sword and board

Unlike games such as Allods Online or Fallen Earth, Battle of the Immortals keeps the warrior Champions class strictly within the confines of using swords and boards. For newbie MMO gamers, that means that if you pick a Champion, much like DarkEden, ROHAN Online or Red Cliff, the characters won’t be able to switch out those weapon types for anything else.

Still, if you enjoy kicking butt and taking names using large swords and cool looking shields while at the same time deflecting, defending or absorbing most enemy’s attacks then you’ll definitely fit right in with what the Champion has to offer.

Skills Suited For A Beast

After creating your character and getting into the game world, it’s time to find out what sort of Champion you’d like to become based on the skills available in the game. Just because the Champions are designed as tanks doesn’t necessarily mean players have to stand around and do nothing but work as a punching bag. It’s actually possible to become a damage-dealing tank, or a tank that focuses entirely on maintaining HP and deflecting relentless enemy (and player) attacks.

Onrush: A level 1 skill. This is a physical attack that weakens an enemy and curtails 15% of their movement and attack speed for an initial 6 seconds.

Divine Judgement: Another level 1 skill that is also an XP skill, which consumes a player’s rage and unleashes devastating damage within a radius of 5 meters and lowers an enemy’s critical strike chance by 5 percent.

Concussion: This is a level 10 stun skill that disables enemies for an initial 4 seconds. It also only deals 50 percent of a player’s normal attack damage. The purpose of this move is for crowd-controlling multiple mobs and works well for fighting bosses who unleash minions that need to be stunned or subdued for a short time while fighting the boss.

Vital Strike: Another level 10 skill that actually focuses on dealing damage. If you plan to become a tank then this skill isn’t necessary to level up but if you plan on punishing foes with a strong suite of attacks then this is essential for leveling. This skill sends a shockwave through the ground and initially does 3 percent additional damage equivalent to the player’s total HP.

Scoping out more skills for the Champion

Invigorate: A level 25 skill that initially reduces all incoming damage by 5 percent and adds 4 HP for 10 seconds after casting. This is another essential skill for leveling whether tanking or for DPS’ing.

Shield Strike: This level 25 skill is exactly as it sounds. Up to five targets in front of the player will be attacked when using this skill as it unleashes damage equivalent to 105 percent of the player’s total defensive stats and an additional 50 percent of damage based on the player’s physical damage.

Taunt: This skill should be common to most MMORPG players who have at some point wielded a tank-type character. Taunt is a level 25 skill that, undoubtedly so, invokes and aggravates the aggro of the selected target and reduces its movement speed by 5 percent. This is absolutely essential for tank-type characters.

Challenge: This is a level 40 skill that inflicts 38% of a player’s total physical attack strength against up to 20 enemies. This is like the ultimate tank maneuver within this level range and is highly essential for leveling up if players wish to be an effective mob-squad tank.

Tremble: This is another level 40 skill that reduces 10 nearby enemies’ defenses by 5 percent for 10 seconds. This skill is useful during boss battles that are accompanied by sub-bosses.

Justice Ward: Provides a protective ward over the player and amps up their defenses, initially, by 15 for 30 minutes. This is the final skill for those level 40, and definitely worth it for instances or long grinding sessions.

Man’s Best Friends

Posing for the camera

Each class on the game benefits from certain pets early on in the game. Considering that Champions focus mostly on tanking, it wouldn’t be wise to build up a pet that also focuses mainly on tanking. What you end up with are two characters that don’t deal a lot of damage yet at the same time, don’t take a lot of damage either. In mob situations, when soloing, this can create some pretty hairy moments given that mobs are best handled by killing them as quickly as possible.

Unlike Berserkers, who actually seem to benefit from pets designed as tanks, the Champions best friend is a pet that can hang tough enough to endure multiple mob attacks while quickly dispatching foes. In other words, a fast attacking, high-strength, high-dexterity pet works best at the early goings of the game so that the pet can deal hard-hitting critical strikes while the player-character absorbs damage and tanks the main mobs.

Hopefully this beginner guide for Champions helped clarify what the class is all about. You can check out more class guides and quest walkthroughs here at Bright Hub. For further information on Battle of the Immortals be sure to visit the Official Website.

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