Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Legion's Loyalty Mission - Clearing the Station

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Legion should offer this quest up to you fairly quickly after you meet him. You should also try to get this one done quickly since we should have built up a whole lot of momentum toward the final battle.

Just land on the ship and pick a companion. Legion is a good engineer and we’ll only be facing Geth onboard the station. You will be fine with a soldier, Tali or a biotic. Each has their own ability to get through armor and shields. You can easily make anyone work.

When you land, you can talk to Legion and learn about the second option to just “fix” the Geth’s beliefs. It’s your call as to what we should do. Legion won’t mind and he’ll basically be undecided at the end. He won’t even mind if you say that synthetics aren’t worth the same level of respect. He’s pretty realistic.

Also, let’s just cover basic tactics for this level. As always, Geth hunters are annoying, since you have to shoot them first and are basically responsible for killing them all by yourself. The good news is that we won’t be in too many full battles. Each main room has a large green line down the center as the data stream. Stepping on the stream sets off a local alarm. You need to avoid stepping on it and then put a few rounds into the hub. It will blow up and really hurt the geth. You’ll start running into multiple hubs at once after the first few rooms, so you will need to pick one and then get ready to take cover.

You have to blow up the hub to leave the room. Also remember to loot the wreckage for a lot of credits.

Clearing the Station

The first room is easy. Walk along the path and then blow up the hub and gun down the survivors before they can stand up. You can talk to Legion and either be paragon or renegade. It’s your call. Go out the door and enter the next hallway.

There are two rocket turrets in the hallway. Tell Legion to hack the turrets and help them blow up the new geth in the hallway. Advance into the next hub area, but be careful with corners. The data streams start up without much warning and one is on the other side of a tight corner.

There are two ways to clear this room. You can blow up the first hub, finish off the survivors and then hunker down at the first barricade. This is a bit safer. You can also walk up to the Geth hub in back and start with that one. You have a little more cover back here, but it shouldn’t make a big difference in handling a few geth soldiers and a hunter. Blow up the other hub, loot both and then leave.

There are a few troopers in the hallway, take cover on the pillar and return fire. There’s some ammo and health kits at the end of the hall if you want them. Go up the stairs, kill another two troopers and then move into the big room. Hack both of the rocket turrets and take cover by a pillar. Geth soldiers and hunters will come from both sides. The turrets should help, but you’ll probably need to unload some lead into the hunters to take them out. Move on up and flush them out if you have to do so, there is plenty of cover. When you’re done, follow another path for the last bit of the battle.

The Last Holdouts

We’re getting closer to the core and meeting tougher resistance. At the end of the path you should pop right out into an occupied corridor. Take cover by the crates and hack the rocket turret. Just hold on and use the cover to grind down the Geth troopers. There really isn’t anything too special about this.

There’s a Geth terminal to the left, so hack it. We’ll get the second half of the Geth Shield Strength research, which is fairly nice to have.

When you’re ready, move on up to the door. Follow the ramp down and get ready for the last test. We need to thread the needle along the path to get to the last geth hubs. There is one on the left and one on the right. I suggest that you turn to the left since it’s an easier spot to defend. Take cover, blow up the hub and then gun down the hunters as they recover from the blast. Turn and take cover. You shouldn’t have any trouble taking out the hunter and his troopers before they reach you. Salvage the hubs and leave.

Legion will show you the servers and give you another chance for paragon or renegade points as he talks about the new differences with the heretics. He’s still tallying the vote for whether to rewrite or not. Go on ahead to the next room when you’re done. This will be our big defense mission.

Hold the Line

We need to cover Legion’s processes while he establishes an uplink. There are rocket turrets on the ground that we can hack. Legion himself can still fight. There is a fair bit of distance that the Geth will have to travel. Make sure that you pick them apart with rifle fire. Also remember that Legion probably has AI hacking and that he can set them against each other on the ground once you shoot down their shields. Even if they make it up to you, you just have to fall back and shoot them as they come up the ramp.

I counted four waves. Just stand your ground and you’ll be fine in your little perch. Just keep your allies healed and pick them off as they come. After the last wave, you get to make your decisions. Renegades should destroy the station. Paragons should rewrite. Either way, you need to leave the station in three minutes.

A Quick Escape

Run out the new door and get down the hallway far enough to make the troopers pop out and start shooting. Dive into cover and blow them away at close range. Do not panic though!. You have plenty of time. There is only one fight after this. Once the first group of about five are dead, move up and round the corner to run right into a Geth Prime. This boss is tough. See if you can get to the crates. If not, stick to the corner and fire. Don’t be afraid to pull out the heavy weapons and abilities. You can even hack the troopers to distract him. If Legion launches a combat drone, then you should be able to dish out some damage safely.

Just put a bunch of shots into it until he dies and then get to the door at the back. The Normandy will pick you up from the airlock.

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