Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Samara's Loyalty Mission - Finding the Ardat-Yakshi

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Samara's Loyalty Mission - Finding the Ardat-Yakshi
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Samara’s loyalty mission is a pretty quick mission and it doesn’t involve any actual combat. You’ll need to land on Omega and have Samara in your party to start the mission. Also, if you’re a renegade character then you should probably wait until you have a nearly full renegade bar. If you have enough renegade points, you can actually recruit the Ardat-Yakshi. Paragons can possibly benefit from having a full bar too, but I doubt that they will want to take advantage of it. Anyway, let’s go.

To start this off, you need to go into Afterlife and talk to Aria. She’ll explain that she thought there was something weird going on in Omega. She’ll point you to a recent death in the apartments that she believes was the most recent murder. The killer still goes by the name Morinth, so we’ve found her.


Leave the club through the main entrance and take a left. We are basically going back to the slums, so just retrace the path. Go to the door and turn right at the mad prophet. You can then go into a newly opened apartment and talk to the grieving mother, Diana. Ask about her daughter, Nef, to confirm that it was Morinth. At the end, ask to see her things. You should be able to gain assess with any option, although it obviously has renegade or paragon effects. Use the interrupt to comfort her if you want more paragon points.

Go into the room and look at the statue and the note. Then listen to the three journal entries. This should give you the information that you need. We need to go to the VIP section of Afterlife. Note that this is not actually connected to the bar, because Omega has a really weird layout. You need to go to the marketplace area, walk past the stalls, and look for an access point up a ramp marked as the VIP entrance. That’s what we need. The map can help a bit.

Talk to the door guard and tell him that Jarutt sent you. You should know the name from looking at Nef’s stuff. Once inside, Samara will give you a briefing again. I’m walking you through it though, so no worries.

Afterlife VIP Club

Move inside and talk to the man by the entrance. Learn about Expel 10. Apparently Morinth has been telling a few people that they are her favorite band. So that’s good to know. Now, you basically have to do a few cool things to gain Morinth’s attention.

Mass Effect 2 - Morinth - The Club

Paragons can talk to a man called Horinth. His friend is a reporter trying to bust a crime group, but she’s been made and doesn’t realize it. He needs a brave soul to go over and work the code words into a conversation with the crime boss. Go over and start with terminal. If you start with eternity, then it won’t work and he will just tell you to leave. Terminal lets you start by asking for a terminal and then stating that you hadn’t seen one in an eternity.

You can also flirt with a girl on the dance floor and dance with her. This really only works if you have a fair bit of paragon points

You can also defend one of the club dancers from a turian who won’t leave her alone.

You should also be able to talk the bartender into serving a round of free drinks.

Renegades should be able to get by with two fun ones.

Walk along the outer ring and look for two turians sitting together. They are planning to rob some drunk club goers on the way out. The renegade option gets them to attack you and you’ll wipe the floor with them.

You can also go to the bar and insult a krogan. He’ll back down and you’ll get some points.

Most of these have options that don’t use renegade or paragon conversations. You just have to talk longer and won’t get extra points.

Morinth - The Ardat-Yakshi

Once you’ve done a few of these, Morinth will ask you to come to her side booth. Just talk to her and pick the conversation points on the lower left. I don’t believe the right side ever has a good choice. Tell her that you’re a big bad space cowboy that has seen the darkest things in the galaxy. Then name drop the names of the artist and the move in Nef’s apartment. Then talk about Expel 10 and Hallax. This should be enough to gain her affection and get an invitation to her apartment.

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Morinth

Look around for a moment and make sure that you scan the assault rifle on the wall for some research. Talk to Morinth when you’re ready. The first two choices don’t really matter. Just do whatever you want until she tries to dominate your mind. If you have a nearly full paragon or renegade bar, then you can resist. Otherwise, just mumble that you can’t think and Samara will burst in and save you. This ends the quest and secures her loyalty.

If you can resist it, then the fight will end up being even between them and you’ll get to choose who you want to kill. It honestly isn’t a huge deal. I didn’t care as much for Samara’s powers and Morinth is a bit better of a biotic. She has a particularly interesting Dominate ability, which is basically AI Hacking for organics. She also has both throw and pull. It’s all up to you though. Morinth will pretend to be Samara to the rest of the crew, so it doesn’t change anything. Picking Morinth will naturally net you massive renegade points while anything resulting in Morinth’s death should net a lot of paragon points.

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