Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Tali's Loyalty Mission - The Trial and the Alarei

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Tali's Loyalty Mission - The Trial and the Alarei
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This should probably be one of the last loyalty missions that you get. We need to take a trip over to The Migrant Fleet and defend Tali against some accusations of treason against the fleet. Head onto the ship and bring someone good with you. You already have a good engineer around thanks to Tali and she’ll thankfully be pretty useful against the geth. You might want to drag along Miranda for some biotic support. Or you could drag Grunt along for basic soldier skills. It’s your call, and most of the fight will just involve you shooting hunters before they rush you.

Go inside and talk to Tali’s captain. He’s holding his tongue about a lot of the details to the trial. There isn’t much else to do here. Walk down the hall and do not actually talk to the woman at the end. Just try to walk past and let the automatic conversation start. Trying to talk to her might make the game bug out and think you already did the trial. If this happens, just restart the mission through the load screen.

The Hearing

The hearing should start automatically. There isn’t much to do right now. Just talk to the hearing and figure out what happened. It seems that Tali’s father messed up pretty bad and just lost a ship to the geth. No matter what happens, we’re volunteering to retake it. Before you go, you should walk around the pavilion and talk to everyone. Go ahead and get some opinions on the three acting admirals. If you let Veetor get healed by the fleet, he’ll be here and on the road to recovery. If not, then he’ll be pretty cracked. If Kal’Reegar survived, then he’ll be here too. Talk to him. This is actually important, since it will possibly open up a new option for Tali’s verdict. By talking to the admirals and a healthy Veetor and Reegar, you’re giving yourself a new opportunity. When you’re ready, go out the back airlock and get into the shuttle that they provide.

Seizing the Alarei

We’re retaking the quarian ship. The Alarei is a tight environment and there are a lot of geth. There are also a lot of geth hunters inside. Note that your squadmates will not shoot at the cloaked units. You need to knock out their shields first and reveal them. They really like to get up to point blank range and fire, so they are always a priority target. The visible ones hang back and take cover. Tali should be able to hack any of the geth and she should also have a combat drone ready for use. Remember to put her tech skills to keep the geth distracted.

There are also a lot of laptops around. You can access them for quick money. Other than that, just keep your eyes open stay behind the panels and consoles.

Take cover and kill the first few geth. There’s nothing too exotic about the first wave. Search the area and inspect the geth drone in the next room to get some more information from Tali. There is also a computer console (labeled as monitor) that you can hack for some information on geth shield technology. That’s a useful boost, so you might as well grab it.

Advance and keep an eye out for more loot. once you make it to another tight lab area, keep an eye out for geth hunters moving in. Get back and gun them down when they try to rush you. Advance and get to the next big battlefield. The wide area has two doors in the back. We just need to get behind the tables and start shooting. Hack the unshielded troopers, blast the hunters and generally hang on for two waves. You should be fine. Just go up a bit further and you’ll get a somewhat emotional interruption.

Killing the Geth

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Tali’s Loyalty Mission - Taking the Alarei

At the end, you’ll stumble across a dead quarian. Tali will recognize him as her father and stop to grieve. Make your choices. Paragon or renegade is pretty obvious. No matter what happens, she’ll listen to the recording. Move on up. There’s just one more fight left. There’s a big geth prime waiting for us in the central area and a few supporting geth. This can be a tough fight, since the area is really small. Have Tali deploy her combat drone to distract them while you get behind a pillar and try to neutralize the shields on at least one of them. Tali should be able to hack it. This should cause a fair bit of chaos and damage and let you take out the support. With the geth prime all alone, you can hit it with abilities and tear it apart with submachine gun fire. At this range, you won’t miss. Once they’re dead, you can use the console to shutdown the rest of the geth on the ship. You’ll also note the research, but Tali begs you not to use it. We’ll make that decision in a minute.

Tali’s Verdict

Head back to the ship and run into the pavilion for the hearing. You now have a choice to make. You can choose to honor Tali’s wishes and refuse to reveal the evidence. You’ll gain her loyalty, but she’ll be exiled. If you hand over the research, she won’t be exiled but she will be furious that you ruined her father’s name. You’ll receive a tech upgrade and some money, but Tali will not be loyal.

There are a few alternatives to get both outcomes. Paragon and renegade choices will convince them that they’re being stupid. They’ll apologize, give you a reward for your time and find Tali innocent. If you don’t have enough paragon or renegade points, but did save Veetor and Reegar, then you can use the extra option. If you talked to everyone beforehand, then you can call for public outcry against the hearing. Reegar will help rally the crowd to Tali’s side and she’ll be found innocent.

You should also get a chance to talk a bit about their policy, depending on the outcome. The answers are pretty obvious for paragon or renegade. Either support a new war with the geth, tell them to move on, or tell them to not get into a senseless war.

Now, for a story related spoiler, you can talk to the captains again. If you want, you should talk to Tali’s friend , admiral Gerrel, and quietly reveal the evidence. He’ll help disguise it. If you don’t, then the geth supporting admiral will send an email later explaining that they found the evidence and are going forward with the research.

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