Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Thane's Loyalty Mission

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Thane's Loyalty Mission
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Thane has a fairly quick mission and it’s another non-combat one. You need to go to the Citadel for this one. Head on inside and talk to Captain Bailey. He’s the one you talk to after security flags you on your first entrance, so you should know who he is.

You can ask him about Thane’s Son and also get information on Garrus’ mission if you have it. Thane’s son apparently was seen talking to a few known criminals. We need to go find Mouse. He’s up by the Expedition store just one floor above the security section. He’s also talking to someone on the phone when you approach, so he should be easy to spot.

Talk to Mouse and make your conversation choices. You can use a renegade interrupt to rough him up and get the information. Being nice will work too though, since he knows Thane already. He’ll give you a tip on who the contact was. Since you’ve got a name, go back to Captain Bailey and ask him about your new. He’ll begrudgingly bring in Elias Kelham for an interrogation. You actually shouldn’t be able to blow the investigation. He’ll talk eventually.

Someone with a lot of renegade can successfully convince him that they’re a spectre, which will get him to talk immediately. You can also punch him three times through the renegade interrupts to get the information. This has no apparent consequences. You can charm him too, if you’re committed to being a paragon.

It seems that Thane is going to kill an anti-human politician called Joram Talid.

Stopping the Assassination

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We need to track his moments with Thane for the time being. This is pretty easy, but note that if you fail to report in at any time he will carry out the kill successfully. The mission will be a failure and Thane will not be loyal. Just follow along and report his locations. He just slowly moves for awhile and talks to voters. Then he waits outside a store while his bodyguard threatens the owner. After that, they’ll run so you need to move. Sight them outside the bar to resume the chase. He should talk to the mercenary group next and this is the end.

Kolyat will attack and wound the bodyguard and chase Talid into the apartment. This is pretty straightforward from here. Paragons can use the interrupts and speech options to talk him down. Renegades get the fun option of just shooting the hostage. He’ll surrender without a shield and he won’t have technically killed anyone.

The end should play out alright. You should be able to talk Bailey into helping cover the whole thing up with paragon or renegade options. This should wrap up the mission and secure Thane’s loyalty.

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