Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Mordin's Loyalty Mission - The Highway

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Mordin's Loyalty Mission - The Highway
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Mordin’s loyalty mission should pop up after you’ve done a few. One of his old students has apparently been captured and forced into work on Tuchanka. You should actually get this about the same time as Grunt’s so you should be able to take out two birds with one stone. Regardless, once you’ve landed just find the chief scout over by the stack of boxes and the stationary turret.

He should mention that a salarian was seen captured by another clan. He also lost a scout who went to check it out. We can keep an eye out for him on the mission. They want the other clan to get hurt, so they’re happy to lend you an APC for the mission. When you’re ready, agree to head out to the camp.

The Highway

The first section is going to be a running battle. There are vorcha and krogans guarding the broken highway into the base. You need to get through them all. You should be used to these guys after the battles on Omega though.

Start moving. There are a few klixen ahead of you along the path. Just gun them down before they get close. After you cross some rubble, you should find the last klixen and spot some varren set up by the base. Kill them too and advance to some cover. There should be a few vorcha with heavy weapons. You have cover and plenty of time though, so just pick them off. Advance and move out to the spot on the large highway.

There are a lot of barriers that ensure that any movement across the bridge will be slow and leave you exposed to fire. I suggest you just hunker down at the start and blow away the few nearby vorchas. Settle in and take out a few more in back and watch for varren trying to rush your position. You should be able to handle them. There should be two krogans here. They have to cross a really long killing field though, so just rip through their armor with Mordin’s incinerate and gun them down.

Advance up but watch the next corner you turn. Also keep your eyes open for a busted APC with a combustion manifold that you can take. The Urdnot mechanic back at the base wants one of these and it’s easy XP and money.

There is at least one pyro waiting for you, so don’t just rush into the corner up ahead. Kill them and swing around. There should just be a few more vorcha between you and the door to the base. It seems that it’s an old hospital that they’ve converted.

The Hospital Guard

Examine the human body on the stairs. You can decry the human testing for paragon points. Move out to the next room to trigger the Weyrloc Clanspeaker. He’ll brag about his superior warrior abilities for a bit. If you want, then you can use the renegade interrupt to shoot the tanks below him and blow everything him up. This takes one person out of the fight. A few vorcha will take up a position up top. The problem is that the two krogan will go down the stairs to flank you. I suggest that you take cover behind the big pillar by the entrance. That should give you good cover. Just wait and gun down the krogans as they lumber across the floor. The vorcha shouldn’t be a threat once the heavy hitters are down. Go up and through the back door. Watch for more salvage in the lab.

Mass Effect 2 - Mordin’s Loyalty Mission - Krogan Guards

Inspect the whole research area. Make sure you check the dead krogan and the console. You can start pushing Mordin to think that the genophage was wrong, if you want to go paragon. Or you can convince him that it was a necessary cost. Make sure that you hack the console after you use it to get the second half of the krogan vitality research.

If you bypass the lock on a side room, you can find a wounded krogan. There’s also a PDA to hack. He’s the missing scout we heard about earlier. He doesn’t want to leave, since he believes that his sacrifice will help end the genophage. You can get rough with him. He’ll attack and you’ll kill him. This is worth some renegade points. You can also talk him down and convince him to go back home with either the paragon or renegade option. Note that they both net you paragon points. The scout will thank you later.

The Last Defenses

Get ready and then go out the door. There’s a large two-story area here and we need to clear it all out. It’s also all varren and krogan. The varren just need a few well placed shots or melee. The krogan should have a fair distance to walk. Pick them apart with your abilities and then finish them off. There are a ton of explosive crates to help wear them down.

Mass Effect 2 - Mordin’s Loyalty Mission - Guld Protecting Maelon

Just take cover and start shooting at the first group. They shouldn’t be a problem. Advance and take out the next group. It should be a krogan with a few varren. Just take cover and take him out. If you fall back and let him walk for a moment, he’ll be right next to an explosive crate. Move up and go down the steps to the lower floor. Take out another group and check your ammo. Chief Weyrloc Guld should come out with a few more krogan in a last push so you don’t want to have an empty magazine. He has a barrier that you need to shoot through, but that’s about it. Just knock it out and take him down. Search the area for loot and then advance out the blown off door in back.

Hack the research terminal for a boost to heavy weapon ammo and then go through the door in back. We’ll finally find Maelon.

Once you make it to the end, you’ll find Mordin’s apprentice, Maelon. He’s apparently not here against his will though. He wants to end the genophage. No matter what happens, Mordin will at least knock him out and end his little dream. You can decide whether to spare him or not. Once he’s down, you just have to decide what happens to the research. For a massive paragon boost, you can convince him to save the research and continue the efforts while decrying how wrong live testing was. You can also say the genophage was right and allow him to destroy it for renegade points. You can also just get him to take it because it’d be a waste to destroy it and he might feel differently about it later. This seems to be the neutral choice.

You can head back to the ship to complete the mission and have Mordin’s loyalty.

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