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Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 6: We Don't Go to Raveholm - The Elevator and Beyond

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Eric Stallsworth ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This section of the Half-Life 2 walkthrough covers your fight to the elevator and your efforts to finally get out of Ravenholm. This will mean a lot of fighting and puzzle solving while zombies bite at your heels. The final area is also large and confusing, so feel free to look inside for help.

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    The Elevator

    New fast zombies are coming. You need to jump into the water tower directly across from you, but you are in a better tactical position by the door. Just hold your ground with your back to the door and use your shotgun to blast the fast zombies in the head as they charge you. Grigori should help if you stay by the door. Once you kill about four of them, jump into the water tower and climb up the ladder. Put your back to the door on the catwalk. Kill another four fast zombies. You could go inside, but you are better positioned outside. Once they're dead, go inside and press the button to call up the very slow elevator. Watch the door and kill another two fast zombies that rush into the room. When the elevator gets to the top, step inside and ride it to the bottom.

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    Return to the Streets of Ravenholm

    As you descend, you should see the ugly zombie below you. That's a poison headcrab carrier. He'll throw black headcrabs at you and drop all of the headcrabs when killed. You can either run past him or just blast him and the headcrabs with the shotgun to clear a path. There's health in a room behind the elevator if you need it. Otherwise, just go up the boards on the car to get over the fence. There's a room ahead with health and ammo. Grab it and then spin around to kill the headcrab that drops behind you. Go back to the street and keep walking ahead until you get a loading screen.

    The next area is a big nonlinear area. Your goal is to get to the window on the upper level, but you can't just climb up there. The series of catwalks is cutoff at the middle because a platform isn't in the right place, you have to move it. There are also a whole lot of zombies spawning throughout the streets. Move quickly and don't try to fight them. Just clear a path with the shotgun and keep moving. You'll be pretty safe on the catwalks.

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    Setting Your Exit

    Move forward to the body hanging in the street and then look to the right. There should be two explosive barrels and some medical packs lying at the end of an alley. Move down the alley and go into the building. Kill the zombies and then go up the steps to the little control room. Pull the yellow lever and watch the platform move to the center of the street.

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    Running the Catwalks

    Drop down and run down the street to the far end and look for a concrete roof with a series of blocks leading to the roof. A health pack marks the way. Get up and then quickly jump across the little gap to get to the walkway. Then go up the stairs. Watch your back for now, since a fast zombie will start chasing you at some point. Kill him and just keep going along the path before the platform. Look for a big red roof with some chairs on the left. Run out to it and pick up all the ammo and health kits that Grigori left behind. You might also want to use the gravity gun to launch some explosives at the poison headcrab carriers in the street. They might knock you off the platform with a well-placed throw. When you're ready, jump onto the platform and jump onto the next roof. Run for the corner and try to get your back against a wall.

    Four fast zombies will come from the rooftops to attack you. If you are in the back corner, Grigori should come out and help you. Either way, kill them with the shotgun and look to the catwalk. Grigori reminds you that you should head to the church for your salvation, so listen to him. Jump to the catwalk across the street. It collapses, but you can just ride it down and climb up the little ramp to the window.

Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 6: We Don't Go to Ravenholm

This part of the larger walkthrough will cover your stay in Ravenholm. You will be facing a lot of zombies and a lot of headcrabs. You also don't have much ammo. If you are finding the situation to be difficult, then read this walkthrough to find out how to escape.
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