Good Half Life 2 Mods

Good Half Life 2 Mods
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Day of Defeat: Source (4 out of 5)

A class-based half life 2 mod, Day of Defeat Source adds more features on to those used in Counter-Strike: Source, but fails to match the better known game’s success.

But Day of Defeat: Source is not a mere deathmatch game. On the contrary, the game is more objective based, as might be expected more in a game such as Battlefield or Call of Duty. While early reviews of the game were negative of its lack of features and maps, through time the map tally has been raised to 17 officially released maps, giving much more of a variety of players.

For players looking for a shooter with a little more brain than the raw Counter-Strike: Source, Day of Defeat: Source is certainly the foremost in the many good half life 2 mods available.

Garry’s Mod (5 out of 5)

While available as a standalone game, Garry’s Mod is nonetheless a heavily modified Half Life 2 Mod.

What sets Garry’s Mod apart from many other good Half Life 2 Mods is the sheer fact that isn’t just a shooter game. In fact, it more or less does away with any relics of a shooter, insteading allowing players complete control of their environment. The sandbox setting allows a vast variety of different contraptions and devices to be constructed using the Physics and Tool Guns, which allows objects to be manipulated in a number of complex ways.

What really makes the game enjoyable is the ability for players to get together over steam and collaborate in creating some truly amazing creations.

Garry’s Mod requires at least one Source based game to be owned by the player, such as Half Life 2, Portal, Left 4 Dead or Counter-Strike: Source.

Dystopia (5 out of 5)


Set in a future world, Dystopia is based around the concept of two competing groups of individuals, Punks and Corps Mercenaries, fighting their way through each other to gain access to Cyberspace – a world spanning computer that is able to manipulate most, if not all, infrastructure in society.

Dystopia could just be the most innovative and original of the available Half-Life 2 Mods. It presents two separate, but interlinked game world – the real life game world where players fight it out, and Cyberspace, where players can jack in and take control of different pieces of infrastructure to benefit their team.

If anything, Dystopia deserves points for striving to be different. But the game is also able to stand up to scrutiny of its gameplay. While certainly not the most popular, and with a rather tricky learning curve, Dystopia is certainly one of many good half life 2 mods, and challenges over the title of the best one available.

Counter-Strike: Source (4 out of 5)

Counter-Strike: Source

Definitive in the huge group of half life 2 deathmatch mods, Counter-Strike: Source has grown to the position of being considered a game in its own right. Praised by users as offering lightning fast gameplay and easy to use, simplistic controls, it has remained a highly popular mod, six years after its initial release, with reporting up to 1,000,000 minutes per day being played by its users.

While criticized by some critics for its lack of a storyline or depth, the game is and always has been a multiplayer only game, with no real storyline needed to spur the course of events along.

Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat (4 out of 5)

Designed as a modern military themed shooter, Insurgency still has plenty to offer users, though of a different target audience then Counter-Strike: Source. Designed by a former military member, this influence shows through in a number of elements of the game’s play.

Where Insurgency differs from Counter-Strike: Source and many other half life 2 deathmatch mods is that players must act as part of a team. In CS, players are able to, and more often than not do, go Rambo and attack the enemy one at a time without any real plan of attack or strategy. However, in Insurgency more team related gameplay is not only encouraged but made necessary through the decreased health that each player has, and the numerous ambush locations all through the maps.

Pirates, Vikings and Knights II (3 out of 5)

Pirates, Vikings and Knights II

A hilariously constructed anachronism, Pirates, Vikings and Knights II is nonetheless a good play for fans of any combinations of the three clichés featured in the mod’s title. It is an imperfect title, but nonetheless a thoroughly enjoyable play.

The game offers battles between the three groups, centered around kills, objectives, or any combination of the two. While it may be far from perfect, it still manages to stand up in the ranks of half life 2 deathmatch mods, even if only because of the sheer ridiculousness of the game’s concept, and its development is ongoing, so there’s sure to be much improvement in this one as time goes on.