Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Walkthrough - Our Mutual Friend - Defending the Sawmill

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Walkthrough - Our Mutual Friend - Defending the Sawmill
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Follow him out to his testing range to see the new Magnusson device. This is just a fancy sticky bomb that gives us a cooler way to kill striders. Go ahead and get a little practice in. Experiment with the ranges a bit if this is your first time playing. You don’t want to miss in the field.

When you’re ready to go, walk up to Magnusson. In case you’re wondering, Magnusson is supposed to be the scientist in Half-Life who gets mad at you for playing with the microwave and ruining his lunch. That’s what the whole “I’ll forgive you for a certain casserole” joke was about.

Anyway, talk to the mechanic to get an update on your car. There’s a special rack on the back for Magnussons. You just have to hold them near it and they’ll pop onto the back. The radar will also come in pretty handy. Also take a look at the map to get a rough idea of the terrain. Just remember where everything is in relation to the sawmill. That’s our rally point.

When you’re ready, drive on out and to the sawmill. You can follow the railroad tracks if you get lost. Get out and get the fairly simple battle plan. We’ve got 12 striders to kill along with a lot of hunters. So, let’s get started. For the record, this defense strategy should get you the achievement for protecting the entire base from any damage.

Protecting the Sawmill

There are also two things to keep in mind. First, there are hunters with the striders. They can destroy the Magnusson’s and they usually will. Thankfully you have two great ways to counter them. You can hit them with the car or use the logs in the area to catch their darts and throw them right back. Second, the only striders you really have to freak out about are the ones that do a weird crouch walk. The ones standing tall don’t seem to attack the buildings. The ones moving low to the ground will. So they’re a top priority.

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - Neighborhood Defense - Holding the Sawmill

With that in mind, let’s start. The first strider will come in from the crane. That’s to the northwest of the sawmill. Drive toward it and nail the hunter with it. Don’t kill the strider yet. As soon as you kill it, another aggressive strider will spawn right next to the sawmill. It will line up a shot and blow up the sawmill before you can possibly get back. This means you need to drive back to the sawmill and wait for the strider to get to the spot roughly before the railroad track. Then use a Magnusson from the spawning point to blow it up. Save now.

Jump into the car and start driving to the top right. Nail the hunter with it and then leap out. You’ll need to quickly blow it up. This is actually one of the only really tough parts. For the record, I also managed to land a Magnusson on it from a distance and somehow blow it up while the hunter was distracted. That’s at least one other option for the brave or foolish.

Drive back and grab another Magnusson for your car. You should get a report of another strider coming in from the water tower. It’s also aggressive, but it’s far from any buildings. Just drive over a little bit to the right. It will have 2 hunters with it, but you can probably kill them with one turbo ramming. Then just hop out and get a Magnusson on it’s belly. Blow it up and head back to the sawmill.

You’ll have a minute to breathe though, so if you want you can go down the water tower road to get to a supply point by the sawmill. You can hop in to get more ammo and supplies. Anyway, drive up to the sawmill and wait for the next report. There’s another one moving in from the crane. This is just like the first one. Run over the 2 hunters and then hop out and nail it with a Magnusson. As a side note, it’s path isn’t really set. I’ve seen it move toward the sawmill and the supply depot. It shouldn’t matter though. You should probably turn left at the cranes and swing by the supply depot for health and shields. This is a decent time.

The Next Push

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - A Fast Strider

After you get some supplies, you should get another report. There’s another strider by the sawmill. There are 3 hunters guarding this one, but it’s not aggressive. Grab another Magnusson from the sawmill and then drive on over. Run down the hunters and blow it up. There should be a strider moving in from the water tower. We’re ignoring him for now. It’s slow and doesn’t even have an escort. Rush back to the sawmill and get another Magnusson.

Do not wait for the call. Trust me. Rush forward to the crane. You should get a new call from one moving in from the crane. It’s aggressive and absurdly fast. You probably won’t be able to outrun it in the car. That’s why we need a headstart. Get moving, cut in front of it, and stop right before the supply depot. Jump out and jam a Magnusson on it. Quickly blast it. It should have left its escort behind, so this should work. Grab another Magnusson from the depot and put it on the rack. You can drive over the hunters here if you want, but it doesn’t matter. They’ll just kill the rebels. That’s not really our problem.

Drive on over to the big supply depot in the middle of the map. It’s south of the sawmill and that strider we ignored should be about there by now. Just swing up and toss a Magnusson on it’s gut. Blow it up and grab another one from the depot. Refill on supplies too.

There should be another strider coming in from the water tower. It’s aggressive and has one hunter. Rush forward from your spot and intercept it. It should have ditched its escort, so you can probably get away with throwing a Magnusson on it first. Blow it up and then use your car to run down the hunter. Go back and grab another Magnusson. We’ll then get some false hope and a crushing realization. There’s another batch coming.

The Last Push

The only good news about this last rally is that none of them are aggressive. They are just going to try and make it to the silo. This means that we aren’t in as much of a rush. Especially since the area next to the silo is pretty well stocked with Magnusson dispensers and rebel decoys. So let’s get started. The first one spawns at the crane. Then another one pops up at the sawmill and a third at the water tower.

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - The Last Wave at White Forest

Let’s start with the crane. Drive over there and pin the 2 hunters up against the cliff. Then jump out and nail it with a Magnusson. Drive back to the sawmill. You’ll probably catch the strider right as it passes by. It also shouldn’t have an escort, so nail it straight from the dispenser and grab another one for the car. Follow the radar. The one by the water tower should be at the supply depot to the south, so nail it and grab another Magnusson from the depot.

There should be new spawns at the sawmill and crane. Rush up and hit the one by the sawmill. Then track down the one by the crane. It will move along the right side and it might get fairly close to the silo. Just stay focused and knock it out. Then we’re officially done.

You can head on into the base and park the car. Walk inside and get to the back area to meet back up with Alyx. Then follow her to Magnusson. After you receive your congratulations, move up to the control room. You get to press the big red button and watch the fireworks.

After that, head inside the hanger for the big finale that I won’t spoil. And with that, we’re officially done with Half-Life 2: Episode 2.

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