Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Walkthrough - Riding Shotgun - Combine Hunters

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Walkthrough - Riding Shotgun - Combine Hunters
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A Power Puzzle

Okay. We’ve got a car now. Drive down the road until you make it to the big wreck. Like Alyx says, it just can’t be that easy. Go off the road and into the river. Follow it back and then swing around up onto the hill. You should see the radio tower up ahead. That’s our goal. Drive along the road until you get to the big gate.

Hop out and go over to the first building on the right. Draw your shotgun and then open the blue double doors. There are 2 zombines in here, so blow them away. Then watch while Alyx looks at the equipment. It seems like we need a little more juice for the transmitter.

The back right house is abandoned, so just ignore it. We need to get into that big building on the left. That’s where the generator is. The doors are locked though, so move along the right wall and then climb the little dirt slope and get up onto the roof. Don’t drop into the main room. We need the back room with the single hole. Get into this back lab and drop down the lift.

This puzzle is pretty simple. There are 2 sets of plugs. There’s one for the elevator and one for the main power. Break the wooden pallets by the set of plugs to reveal a short plug. It’s too short for elevator plugs, but the right distance for the main power. Go over to the set of 3. The bottom one just leads to a broken line, so ignore it. Use the short cord to connect the top plugs. Then grab the longer plug from the bottom slot and use it to reconnect the elevator plugs.

Jump into the lift and hit the button. We’ve got some new friends though.

On the Hunt

A squad of hunters is attacking. Hide behind the middle panel with Alyx while the hunters fire into the wooden boards and blow them away. If you feel brave, then lean out and throw a grenade. Otherwise, stay back for about 4 rounds of fire. Alyx should then switch from blind fire to a normal attack. This is our cue to jump out and fight.

Here’s a quick lesson on hunters. They are tough, fast, and fire darts that cause about as much damage as a pulse rifle, but then explode to cause extra damage. They’re really nasty. So this is our chance to get good at killing them. When you jump out, draw the SMG and fire 3 SMG grenades into one of the 2 hunters. This should kill it. That makes the fight much more manageable. Hang back and help Alyx kill the second with fire from the magnum and the pulse rifle.

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - The Hunter

Push forward to trigger the third one. We’re going to learn a new trick for this one. You can just pound it with the shotgun, or you could use its own darts against it. Pick up a tire with the gravity gun and use it as a shield. When a few darts hit it, throw it back at the hunter to set off an explosion. It will do a lot of damage. Do it once or twice to kill a hunter. It’s also worth an achievement.

Head on outside and break the boxes by the door. Another 2 hunters are attacking. There’s one at the front gate and one at the back. We could do another series of cat and mouse fighting, or we could jump in the car and take them out. Yes, the most effective weapon against hunters is actually the car. Just hit them with it. The speed you’re going will determine the damage. You can also hit turbo right before you reach them for a guaranteed kill. Just run these two over from the relative safety of your car, and then jump back out.

Go back into the transmitter building and wait for Alyx to make a fairly fruitless call to White Forest. The back gate is now open, so jump back into the car and move forward. Follow the dirt road and go between the boulders. You should be able to just follow it forward until you fall off of a cliff and hit a loading screen.

Drive down the road and pass by the Combine wreckage.Park in the middle of the area and move toward the barn on the left. Go inside to the cage area. Shoot off the lock and open the door. Go ahead and follow horror movie logic. Drop down into the hole by the 2 dead rebels to find the advisor pod. That’s the thing causing the pulses. Alyx should expose the core. Use the gravity gun to knock it out and trigger some unforeseen consequences. Just ride it and wait for the big finale.

Angry Combine

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - Let’s Go Into The Dark Scary Place

Gather yourself and then wait for the door to start beeping. Get up in the corner of the steps. Ambush the first soldier through the door with a few shotgun blasts. Then charge up and nail the next 2 that are waiting by the door. As a side note, this is our first run-in with a shotgunner. These guys will specifically get as close as they can and then unleash a doubled-barreled blast. So, try to take them out quickly at a decent range. Go ahead and grab the crossbow from the crates. We’ll need that one in a minute. Go out and use the crossbow to pick off the Combine in the house across from you. Push forward and jump into the car. There’s a hunter coming in, but we’re just going to ram him. Stop for a minute and wait for Alyx to jump in. Then drive out the open gate.

Gunship Chase

Crash through the zombine and get out onto the railroad tracks. Turn left and get ready for a lot of driving and dodging. Stick to the middle for now. It should just drop mines on the train cars. Hang on until the last minute and then cut to the right to dodge the mine in the center. Follow the train along the right side and stick close to the fence to dodge the mines. Then cut back to the middle. You’ll probably have to hit one mine, but that’s alright. Cut over to the left and then head straight for the tunnel. Get in and hit the loading screen.

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - Ram the Hunter with Your Car

Drive forward and hit the ramp. Keep going down the road until the fast zombie latches onto the hood. Hit the handbrake and swing around for a u-turn. Follow either side of the road forward. As you pass the zombies and hit the ramp, the Combine gunship will swing back around and fire.

For the next part, you basically just have to swing back and forth to dodge the mines. Just stay mobile and try to stick to the right . Be careful of the logging car, since the gunship will cut the chains and send the logs onto the road. Swing all the way to the right to avoid them. After this, just look ahead and aim for the Rebel sign on the gate. Smash into it and swing the car around as the engine dies. A rebel will come out of the crate and signal you inside.

Kill the Gunship

Go in and pull out the gravity gun. It’s the only thing we’ll need. Move forward. If you’re good, then you can grab the mine it drops inside and hit the gunship now. If not, then just toss it away. Crawl forward until you get to the dud. You might also be able to hit the gunship with this one. Crawl a bit further and clear a path until you get to the open area.

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - The Destroyed Gunship

Okay. Quick rundown. This metal area we came out in is a bit of a safe zone. Alyx is just behind it. She can throw out medkits if you walk near her. The rest of the area offers some cover. The large metal crates and cranes can stop some of the gunfire. Other than that, you basically just need to stay mobile.

The only weapon we have is the gravity gun. All you can do is throw back the mines and hit it. It will take 4 hits to take it out. The best area seems to be the back area by Alyx. Be very careful after the 3rd hit. This will send it into panic mode, just like in the original game. It will blow up the sentry tower and then blanket the whole area with mines. There are a few definite ways to survive. The original safe zone will be heavily damaged and you’ll lose about 40 health points, but that should be it. You should be able to hide by Alyx and knock away any mines that drift close.

Either way, after the destruction from the heavy run, it will return to a more aggressive version of the old run. Just nail it one more time to bring it down. After the crash, Alyx will meet up with the rebel leader and find out about their metal workshop. Follow them inside until you hit the loading screen. This will officially end the chapter.

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