Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Walkthrough - Under the Radar - The White Forest Inn Ambush

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Walkthrough - Under the Radar - The White Forest Inn Ambush
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The White Forest Inn

There’s a little bit further to go until we can get to White Forest. Drive down to the end of the road and turn up the slope. Curve around the next part and watch the left wall. There will be a little cave in the side for the 4th cache. Stop and crawl inside to get a few more supplies. Drive further and head into the peaceful little town. If this screams ambush, then you’re right. Right as you pass the White Forest Inn, a forcefield will fly up and stop you. Jump out with Alyx and run into the inn. It’s the best cover we have for now while the Combine move into position.

There is no perfect strategy for this. It’s a tricky fight and you basically just have to stay behind cover and survive. You can move around the majority of the house to get more supplies. There’s some pretty good supplies in the basement too.

The best spot to actually hold is probably by the fireplace and the back door with Alyx. You have to at least thin out some of the Combine moving in on you. Just be careful of the grenades that they’ll get through the windows. First, use the pulse rifle to take out the Combine who take up positions on the hill behind you. Then move over to the fireplace and engage the Combine setting up around the house. Don’t worry as much about the hunters just yet, since we’re not in a good position to fight them.

Hunting the Hunters

Hold on and focus on survival until you hear a loud alert from the Combine Overwatch about having you cornered. Alyx will comment on it, in case you miss it. This should signal an attack on the basement. 2 elites and a shotgunner should blow the doors and move up into the house. You should be able to ambush them on the stairs overlooking the front door. Make sure you grab the alt-fire charges for the pulse rifle. We really need some.

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - The Hunters at the White Forest Inn

After these 3 are dead, one hunter should climb in the window over the backdoor. We’ll go ahead and just pound this one with shotgun blasts, since it should take a minute to really get into attack mode. You could try and use the radiators to catch the darts, but there just isn’t enough room in here. They’ll probably just charge you if you try anyway, and that rush attack really hurts.

With the first one dead, the second should charge into the inn. Check your alt-fire charges on the pulse rifle. The secret is that one direct hit from the energy orb will kill a hunter. This is really effective in the tight spaces of the inn. If you have 3, then go ahead and use one. Otherwise, use the shotgun, the normal fire of the pulse rifle, or the magnum to take it out.

The third one should burst through the doors by the fireplace. Nail it with the alt-fire to save some health. Make a final round around the house and then head outside through the opening the hunter created. Shoot any surviving Combine watching the courtyard and then head toward the forcefield. Go into the building right next to it. There’s a shield charger and a health charger in here, so go ahead and charge up. The generator isn’t in here though. We need to follow the power line up to the source.

Killing the Forcefield

Go back up the road and then rush over to the rocks. There’s another group of Combine and a hunter up here. Use the alt-fire again to take out the hunter once it’s within range. Then use the magnum and the pulse rifle to take out the guards from a distance. You can also charge up to the cars and use them for cover if you want to do it at close range.

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - The Locked Ladder

Once the guards are dead, swing over to the main generator room. Alyx should try to get to the security console, but be stopped by a turret. I tried to figure out some cool way to solve this one, but I came up dry. The best way seems to involve just charging in with the gravity gun and blasting the turret to knock it away. Alyx can then go inside and drop the field protecting the room. Go inside and then get locked inside. We’ll have to work our way out.

Look at the ladder in the back corner. Shoot the lock off of it and then climb up. You can follow the pipes and catwalk around until you get to the other side. Kill the black headcrab up here and then move it over to the spot where you can drop down behind the second force field. Grab some ammo off of the wall and then look at the back corner. Knock away some of the crates and then blow out the vent. You should be able to crawl into the generator room. If you just blast the orb with the gravity gun, then it will ricochet off of the door and reactivate. You need to hit the green button and get behind the generator. Then blast it to send it out and kill the field.

Open the door again and reunite with Alyx. The town itself should be clear, so just head down to where the car is. Jump in and wait for Alyx. If she gets stuck, then back up a bit and pick her up. Afterwards just drive forward and go over the little ramp. Hang up and try to keep the car from going over the edge. Then drive forward and down the road a bit more. You should get a quick beep for the next and final cache.

Almost Home

The cache is on the large pallet hanging in the air. It’s above the marked sign with the town rocks. You need to use the gravity gun to shoot rocks into it and knock off the 2 boxes. This will give you the last cache and seal the reward. If you’re really stuck, then just use a rocket. Once you have your supplies, jump into the car and drive into the tunnel at the end of the road.

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - Dog Killing a Strider

When you come out, just drive off the road and into the river. Go up to the gate and climb over it. Approach the crash site to trigger the strider, but don’t worry. We don’t have to fight one of these guys just yet. Enjoy the scene and wait for it to be over. After the little reunion, Dog will open up the gate. Jump back into the car and approach the dropship. Dog will pull it out of your way. Right after this, Alyx will challenge Dog to a race. If you want the achievement for beating Dog in the race to White Forest, then you just need to use the turbo properly. Floor it and stay to the right of Dog. Get up onto the slope and start hitting turbo at this part. One turbo should carry you the length of the slope. Slam the handbrake and whip it around for another turbo up the slope. If you’re neck and neck with Dog, then just slam the turbo and try to cut him off. You just need to get to the wooden posts to register a win.

We can’t take the car with us for now, so hop out and follow Alyx into the base. Once you get inside, you’ll hit a loading screen and end the chapter.

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