Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Walkthrough - Under the Radar - The Autogun

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Walkthrough - Under the Radar - The Autogun
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Running the Trench Line

Okay. It’s time for a solo mission while Alyx fixes up the car. Look outside through the door to see the autogun. This thing can set a zombie on fire with a single shot, so we’re going to have a little fun outmaneuvering it. Follow our rebel friend up the steps and then drop down the trap door to the office below. The zombies shouldn’t be able to break down the door. Carefully break away the boards from the window and then use the saw and the 2 oxygen tanks to clear out the zombies near you. Go ahead and use up some pistol ammo to pick them off. There’s no rush, so don’t waste the good stuff.

Once it’s pretty clear, jump out and get ready for a bit more fighting. Use the gravity gun with some barrels and tires to knock out the zombies and zombine that emerge in front of you. Your goal is to get up on the truck, so you don’t have to kill all of them. Get in it and use it as a step to get up to the roof. Break the window and jump inside the office. Open the door to get out on some exterior stairs. Jump off them and get onto the clean land.

The zombie over to the side should be more interested in the autogun than you, so just ignore him. Go up and over to the left side and go through the little trench. Crawl through the pipe and blast the flaming headcrab that comes through. Keep pushing forward, but stay by the barrels and stay crouched. If you stand up, the autogun will nail you. There’s a normal turret covering the end of the lane though.

You have 2 good choices. You can toss a grenade from the relative safety of the barrels, or pick up one of the barrels and crawl forward while you use it as a shield. Then just get up close and launch the barrel. Stay low and approach the office at the end. Once you’re there, stand up and fire into the little building. The truck by the window will keep you safe from the autogun, but there’s a combine soldier and shotgunner inside. Kill them and jump into the building. There’s another soldier outside, so gun him down and start moving along the second row.

Killing the Autogun

Watch out for any zombies or headcrabs that survive the autogun’s fire. When you get to the end, you can go through a van.

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - The Autogun

Enjoy the comical little scene with the Combine and the fast zombie, then move along to the right. Stay low and don’t bother fighting the Combine now. Watch out for any half zombies that might still be crawling around, and then curve around to the edge. This will let you flank the 2 Combine and and gun. Take out the soldiers and then get up on the truck to the right. Grab some grenades from the crate, and then jump onto the roof. Toss some grenades through the windows to soften up the 4 soldiers inside. They are usually smart enough to fall back to the office though, so don’t worry if this doesn’t affect them.

Jump down and clear out the little area with some good work on the shotgun. Once it’s clear, you can grab more grenades from the crate and walk up to the autogun. Press the button to open up the panel. Then just drop a grenade right into the opening and run. It should blow up spectacularly and kill the autogun. It will also open up our exit. Crawl through and pull out your shotgun. Use it to clear out this wave of zombies. Then jump over the cars to meet back up with Alyx. Follow her back to the garage to get your new car and hear about it’s GPS upgrade.

Rocket Man

Go ahead and drive down the road. Carefully go through the toxic waters. We’re safe, as long as we stay in the car. Alyx should be able to keep the zombies from surrounding you, so just keep driving. You don’t have to get them all. You’ll come up to the first cache marker here. Pull up and jump out of the car.

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - The First Hidden Cache

You know that old line “There’s no problem so large that it can’t be solved by small explosives strategically placed." Well, that’s what we’re facing. Shoot one of the explosive barrels under the car and fall back. Watch it fly off into the distance and then get your loot. You still can’t crawl into the van, but you can use the gravity gun to break the crate and pull the stuff toward you.

Get back into the car and follow the road again until you get to another cache. Stop and crawl through the van to get inside this warehouse area. The second cache is another little physics puzzle and there’s a special achievement for solving it. You see that large panel that’s standing up. Go behind it and use the gravity gun to knock it down. There’s a little lip in front that you can roll a grenade under. Use the alternative fire for better luck. If the grenade rolls under it properly, jump onto the panel and stand close to the lip. Steer yourself toward the catwalk behind you as the panel flips you up. There is a box of grenades inside if you need to try it a few times. Pull the switch to open up the cage below. Then go ahead and use the health charger up here. Drop down and grab the rocket launcher and a few rockets as your reward.

Fun With Zombies

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - The Third Cache Under the Floorboards

Head back out and get back to the car. Drive forward to the road. We need to turn left and follow this road to the tunnel. There’s another cache straight ahead though and I’m guessing that you want the achievement for looting all the caches. Plus it has a lot of good supplies. We’ll need anything we can get for the fights coming up too.

Drive forward and jump out at the little shack. Use the gravity gun to pull up the saw blade that’s stuck in the floor. This will lift up the floorboard and reveal the cache. Pull away the rest of the floorboards in the house to reveal 4 crates and some propane bottles and flares. About 5 zombies will come out to attack you though. Use your new arsenal to wipe them out. Remember that you can replace 2 rockets, so go ahead and have a little fun with this one.

Jump back into the car and go to the road. Turn out and head into the tunnel. You’ll come out in a new area.

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