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    • The History of the Half-Life Game Series
      Half-Life is one of the most influential PC game series. Since the first Half-Life game was unveiled the Half-Life game series has been expanded with several great additions. This Half-Life history article covers the history of the Half-Life series from the rise of Valve up to the present day.
    • Review: Half-Life: Opposing Force for Windows PC
      A companion game to the original Half-Life, Opposing Force puts you in the shoes of Corporal Shephard. You are a Marine commando assigned to infiltrate the Black Mesa facility that Gordon Freeman fought desperately to escape. Only now, there are a few more surprises waiting for you.
    • Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 10: Anticitizen One - The Fight to the Factory
      Gordon Freeman now has to go forward without Alyx. This final part of the chapter takes you to a well defend factory to meet up with Barney and finish the assualt. If Half-Life 2 is throwing too much at you in Chapter 10, then you just have to check this guide for the tips and tricks you need.
    • Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 10: Anticitizen One - Reaching the Barricade
      This Half-Life 2 walkthrough covers all the fighting that occurs at the start of chapter 10: Anticitizen One. If you are having trouble leading your squad, fighting through the hopper mines, or killing the civil protection and Combine along the way, then just check out this guide.
    • Half-Life 2 Walkhrough - Chapter 10: Anticitizen One - The Barricade and the Car Park
      It's time to kick things up a notch for this next stage of Half-Life 2. You'll have to storm a heavily fortified Combine barricade and then take the fight into the nearby car park. Hordes of Combine stand between you and the next base. Check out this walkthrough for all the help you need to win.
    • Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 12: Our Benefactors
      Chapter 12 takes Gordon into the depths of the Citadel. This fairly short chapter features a lot of running and jumping along with some creative uses for your upgraded gravity gun. If you need any help with getting through the Citadel and finding Breen, then just look here.
    • Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 10: Anticitizen One - Table of Contents
      The fight for City 17 starts off with a bang in Chapter 10. Gordon Freeman is now Anticitizen One and you have to fight your way to Barney and Alyx. If you are having trouble fighting the Combine, breaching the barricade, or knocking out the generator, then just look inside this guide.
    • Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 9a: Entanglement
      This second part of Half-Life 2: Chapter 9 features a number of turret battles along with some old fashioned room clearing as you try to escape Nova Prospekt. If you are having trouble saving alive against the waves of Combine, then just look inside this guide for some help.
    • Half Life 2 Unleashed
      Half Life 2 is widely considered to be one of - if not THE - best video games of all time. It commands a passionate and fanatical fan base, many of whom have engaged in some fantastic creative projects...
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