Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Walkthrough - The Antlion Queen and the Zombie Base

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Walkthrough - The Antlion Queen and the Zombie Base
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Killing the Queen

Okay, we now have the old gang back together. Ride the elevator up and move out of the mine onto the scenic outlook. Take a moment to see some foreshadowing of the small army you’ll be facing soon. That’s a worry for a little bit later though.

Knock the barrels out of the way and then move down the slope. Turn around the corner to find a series of ground pounders. A few antlions will emerge as you move toward the first one. Help Alyx and the vortigaunt take them out, then move up to the pounder. Give Alyx a second to rest. She’s wounded and won’t be at full strength for awhile. Wait until she says she’s ready, and then move out to the next one on the left. Kill the few antlions that move up to challenge you. Rest again, and reload all your weapons. We’ve got a big fight coming. Go up to the pounder in the little fort and wait for your allies to get to safety. Then move forward to the tunnels to trigger the antlion queen and a normal guardian.

While the queen is emerging from the right tunnel, use the gravity gun to suck up the explosive barrel near it. Then throw it into the queen. Turn and run to the left side of the meadow into the area with 2 explosive barrels. Hit it 2 more times. Then pull out the shotgun and nail it with a few double blasts. It should die from all this damage.

Time to focus on the antlion guardian. Move on over to the other side. If it’s too close to you, then go into the fort and wait for a moment. It shouldn’t be able to get to you, but it will try to throw steel and cars at you. Hammer it a few times with the shotgun and move over to the magnum if you run out of ammo. You can use the barrels again, if it’s off your back for long enough.

The Outpost

Once they’re both dead, Alyx will move out of the fort along with the vortigaunt. It will fire up the generator to lift the gate, but it will be stuck at the

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - We Have to Go Through This Whole Base

top. Move inside and up the ladder. Wait for a minute for the earth to stop shaking. A headcrab rocket just nailed the top, so we’ll have a few poison headcrabs waiting up the slope. The crowbar is fine. Go up the slope and move onto the boards. Carefully move over to the elevator. Pull out the board and the panel so that you can drop down into the elevator. Then pull the pickaxe out of the control lever. You’ll descend to the bottom and pick up Alyx and the vortigaunt.

Ride it up and head inside the base ahead. It seems like our warm welcome just got caught in three-way battle. So we’re on our own still. Make sure you pick up the pulse rifle on your way into the base. Then look out at the bridge to see the very edge of the hot rod we’ll getting into in a little bit. You can also look to the left of the bridge to see the gman, if you want.

Give it a minute for Alyx and the vortigaunt to come up with a plan. She’ll fry the field and give you access to the zombie infested base below. How nice of her. Move on in and look at the wall. Use the gravity gun to pull away the mining carts and then knock over the green cabinet. Break down the boards and move on down. Break the boards again to make another hole. Drop down once again and move over. You should be able to find a door that’s being blocked by a chair. Remove the chair, but get ready. A poison headcrab carrier will break down the door and attack. Focus on killing the carrier. The poison headcrabs can’t do anything to you unless there is something else around to finish you off. Kill them and move through the door. If you run into the cluster of barnacles that’s covering the door, just pull the explosive barrel forward. Shoot it twice with the pistol as they’re pulling it up. It will kill them all.

Zombie Barbeque

Go a bit further and get onto the top of an elevator. Blow away the panel on top and drop down once again. Kill a few more poison headcrabs until you can find a door outside. There’s a zombie on this exterior stairwell, but Alyx will snipe him as soon as he stands up. She’ll cover us throughout the level, so that’s our introduction. Move down and around and head back inside. Approach the large fire and wait a moment for a burning half zombie to die in front of you. Wait a few more seconds for a full zombie to burn to death in the blaze. Then turn the wheel to kill the gas supply and the flames.

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - Watch the Zombies Burn

When you go down, there’s a zombine pounding on a door. Just blow him away before he notices you and pulls out a grenade. Open the door he’s pounding on to get some more supplies. The lights will go out as you move halfway in though, and 2 zombies and a zombine will jump up. If you want, you can run back behind the gas cloud and then start it back up as they move through it. It’s cool and saves a little ammo, but it’s not necessary.

Grab your supplies and then go down the steps a little further. You should see a few grenades on the ground and hear something in the dumpster. It’s also throwing out boxes. To see a cool AI script, throw a grenade into the dumpster. It will toss it right back out. Run back and toss another one in to preemptively take out a fast zombie. It might get an attack in, but it should at least be on fire.

Shoot the lock off the door and get into the little alley. Alyx should be able to snipe each of the zombies moving toward you, so just let her do it. Move forward and along the path to come to another stairwell. There are a few zombies and a poison headcrab carrier at the bottom. Blow away the poison headcrabs it throws at you. Alyx should be able to snipe the zombies and the carrier as they move up the steps.

Run down and into the little side area. Turn the valve to start up the gas flow covering the entrance to your future safe zone. Move down the stairs a bit to hear some yelling and explosions. Fall back and get behind the fence. If you look out, you should see a lot of zombies moving up the steps. Shoot the cloud and watch them wander into the fire in search of you. They’ll all burn up or get sniped before they make it to you. Once they’re dead, kill the gas supply and head down the steps.

Just Like Ravenholm

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - Not a Good Sign

Move down and around to run into a few more zombies. About half of them will be grabbed by the barnacles that spawn. If you’re quick, shoot the explosive barrel they should grab twice with the pistol. This should take out the bulk of the zombies and the barnacles. If not, then kill the 2 zombies who should make it past and blow away the barnacles.

Move a bit forward. There’s a supply crate behind the pipes if you want some more ammo. Otherwise, approach the door with your shotgun drawn. A zombine will break it down and rush toward you. Kill him and then take the path out.

You should come out shortly into an open area. Look forward for the saw in the wall. You can just leave this one here. Move past it and get up onto the ladder. Climb up and move over to the big shed with all the steel plating. You need to pull off all of those steel plates so that Alyx can have a clear shot. She should also be able to clear out the majority of the zombies while you’re doing this. Drop in onto the raised platform for the next big fight.