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Guild Wars: Pre-Searing Dye Solo Farm

by: Melina Ann Collison ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Guild Wars is a MMORPG that NcSoft and Arenanet offers to gamers with no monthly fee associated. Earning Guild Wars gold has never been easier with this Guild Wars walkthrough and Guild Wars maps. Farm like the pros.

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    Pre-Searing Dye Solo Farm

    There are many ideas floating around Guild Wars, the top rated MMORPG game, on the best ways to farm dye. White dye and black Photo By Melina Ann Collison dye are worth the most money in the game but all dyes are wanted and needed on the market. One of the best ways to farm dye is by using a pre-searing character in the original Guild Wars game; Prophecies. By utilizing this campaign’s “schooling” area you can easily not die while also getting a great deal of dye at the same time.

    After you get as much dye as you want or can hold in pre-searing you will simply leave the area and complete the quest to get into the game. At that time you are free to sell your dye, use the dye for your own personal armor sets, or do whatever you want with it. Dye makes a great gift for guild or alliance activities since so many people want or need it.

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    Photo By Melina Ann Collison There are many areas and spots in pre-searing Guild Wars that give good dye drops. If you are comfortable with one area find some enemies and start making the rounds. Follow a circle path area that takes you about 5 minutes to complete with 10-15 foes. If you run this path 3 times without a dye drop simply move on.

    There are some areas that people farm regularly for dye. These are hot spots but feel free to farm in any area you are comfortable with because dye drops freely in pre-searing from multiple types of enemies. Human type enemies have been known to drop more dye than the other different foe types. However, some players debate this and say that it does not matter what type of monster you kill they all have the same chance for dropping dye.

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    Character Classes

    By utilizing the main Guild Wars game you are going to be limited to only a few of the character classes. Here is a list of what you will be able to choose from:

    • Warrior Photo By Melina Ann Collison 
    • Monk
    • Ranger
    • Necromancer
    • Mesmer
    • Elementalist

    If this character is only going to be used for farming dye then you are going to want a class that has strength or high damage skills. The Elementalist or Warrior is a popular class for people to choose for a pre-searing dye run. If you are going to keep your character then go ahead and choose any class type you like, all of them will work fine for this run.

    Even though you can group with one other person in pre-searing it is not wise to do so for this run. You want all the dye that drops and having an additional person in your party is going to make the drops be split. This means someone else could get your dye drops insted of you. So farm solo, your friends will understand.

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    Completing the Run

    Photo By Melina Ann Collison As stated earlier there are many different dye runs and you can even create your own easily. Here is one dye run that is popular for Guild Wars characters. Starting from Ashford Abbey exit into Lakeside Country and head north east towards the campsite in the distance. Do not pay any mind to the Plague Worms in the field just to the left of the exit in Lakeside Country. These ugly creatures will not hurt you at all. There are two wolves that patrol this area and if you are not careful could find yourself in for a fight.

    Upon reaching the campsite you will see Bandit Raiders, Firestarters, and others. Kill all that you see and then start heading up the path where additional Bandits are located. This run will yield 1-2 dyes for every 3 completed runs. The run takes less that 5 minutes and is very simple. Good luck farming!