FIFA 08 Practical Tips - Part V - Tackling - by John Sinitsky - How To Master Tackling In FIFA08

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There are many computer football games nowadays. The most successful soccer simulators are thought to be the FIFA series and the Pro Evolution Soccer series. Lately, it was said that “Konami” (the developer of the PES) have been more successful in delivering the “feeling” of the real game to your PC (or PS or similar) than “EA Sports” (the FIFA series inventor) However, FIFA 08 version has put this conclusion under serious doubt. The game flow is very rational, computer level is seriously improved, goals are hard to score – so the results are more realistic as well.


For a newcomer the task of scoring can seem too hard. If you feel that way – please, read through the articles of Practical Tips (Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV). There you should find tips for scoring. In my opinion, you should not ignore the tactics as well. The offensive and defensive tactics described here ("Fifa08 tactical tips - Part I" and “Fifa 08 tactical tips - Part II") is almost a must, experimenting with kick – takers ("Tactical Tips – Part III") and mentality (see “FIFA 08 Tactics – Part IV") is also important.

Advanced players

However, if you had mastered (or at least tried) those aspects of the game it is now time to think about defense – since probably your online opponents have been constantly improving too.

Tackling in FIFA 08, as in previous versions, can be done either aggressively (default keypad “A”) or softly (default keypad “D”). The right choice can be critical in taking the ball from the attacker.

Soft tackling

Generally, it is better to use soft tackling, especially against a computer (see below) opponent. You have pretty good chances of winning the ball and you are not going to lose time if you miss the tackle. However, if your opponent has a good technique, he may beat you with changing directions.

Hard Tackling

First of all aggressive tackling should not be used against a computer since the AI uses many “trick” moves that prevent loosing the ball. Against a human opponent it can be effective – especially if your online opponent is accustomed to playing against a computer. When an attacker runs straight against your defender – you are almost sure to win the ball with an aggressive tackle. Your player will be also very quick to get up – unlike the opponent’s attacker who will stay on the ground for a while. Aggressive tackling can be also used to commit a foul to stop the attack (in the middle of the field) – exactly as in real football. And exactly as in the real football you will be probably booked…

Aggressive tackling from behind when your opponent is through on goal will result in red card. I can’t advise on it – as playing with 10 players (especially with a defender down) is very problematic in FIFA. Maybe in the 80th minute if you are leading by one goal and your opponent is not very good in free kicks…

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