FIFA 11: Be A Goalkeeper Mode Explained

FIFA 11: Be A Goalkeeper Mode Explained
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FIFA 11: Be A Goalkeeper For The First Time

With the recent release of the FIFA 11 demo, EA extended players knowledge bases on the franchises latest entry, by showcasing the announced FIFA 11 “Be A Goalkeeper” mode in greater detail. This mode effectively puts you in charge of the Goalkeeper and him alone during a game of association football. The demo allows players to try out this feature and see how they fair against some of the best strikers in the world; albeit player interpretations of them.

This article will explain the underlying mechanics found in the demo that pertain to the FIFA 11 “Be A Goalkeeper” mode. Also, we will take a closer look at some of the fallout from this addition, with new game-modes and features being added to accommodate the exciting new content. Read on for the rundown of actual gameplay allowances and button configurations for the FIFA 11 “Be A Goalkeeper” mode.

The Meat of The FIFA 11 Be A Goalkeeper Mode

To play as a goalkeeper in the demo, you must either play with another person or have two controllers connected to the console of choice, the Xbox 360 was used for this articles purposes. Although in the actual matches themselves, the ability to work the posts isn’t present, during the loading arena stage between games and menus is where the goalkeeping mode is found. One player will be assigned as the goalkeeper, while the other will be assigned to taking shots, being able to accustom themselves with the inherent controls on offer.

Firstly, movement is critical to a keeper, with the prediction of shot placements among one of the key skills in effectively saving opportunities. This is done via the left stick, much like normal movement, but is seen from a behind-the-net perspective while lacking the turning speed of an outfield player. Tapping the stick will indelibly be more advantageous than full holding of the stick; with slight taps making the goalkeeper on screen sidestep accordingly.

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Positioning is definitely key also, with a reticule showing where a shot will likely end up, goalkeeper’s must try to enter that circle in order to save an attempt on goal. The circle itself is context-sensitive, with the AI keeper making a save without any player input, often times diving to the right or left and spectacularly stopping the ball. Pressing the X button (Square on PS3) will make the keeper dive however; with added momentum being given to him when he’s running towards a loose ball or incoming attackers run.

New Features For The FIFA 11 Be A Goalkeeper Mode

On the ball, players will find the controls familiar, with all the buttons for passing, shooting or long range lob’s still applicable. While the ball is in their hands however, goalkeeper’s can throw or kick it out with the A or B buttons (X and O on PS3) while also being able to drop the ball to their feet with Y (Triangle).

New features added to the pantheon of FIFA because of this new mode include the ability to create a goalkeeper and use him in last year’s debuting “Be A Pro” mode - which charts the trials & tribulations of a single created player throughout their respective career. Also a fully involved 11 vs. 11 online mode will give friends plenty of opportunity to create a realistic virtual team. With these additions and the overall ability to have a FIFA 11 “Be A Goalkeeper” mode; there is plenty on offer for those who desire to remain between the posts instead of outside them.