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Many things have been said about FIFA 08. Most of them – good things. Fifa 08 is a very realistic football simulation, with really fine AI which is hard to beat. Of course, mastering the offensive strategies (described in this “Fifa 08 Tactical tips – Part I - Offense"), should help. And you would probably score some goals picking right free and corner kick takers (see “Fifa 08 Tactical tips - Part III"). As in real football, tactics are important in Fifa 08. But exactly as in real life, the most important thing that wins or loses a game eventually is player’s ability and skills. And in case of Fifa 08 this player is you. So here are some tips to improve your chances of beating your opponent.

Playing “wide”

As you have probably noticed, when throwing the ball in you can pick the intended receiver (out of 3 closest to the ball) by pressing “switch player” button and throw the ball either to his feet (by pressing pass button) or to his head (by pressing the lob button). This density of players in the area of the throw usually results in much space on the other flank. You can get some really good attacking options if you would transfer the ball quickly (with a long lob) to another part of the field. There are few players there – and you can have some time and space for the following offensive decisions.

“Through” throw

You have also probably noticed that even if you move the intended receiver back and forth (and even out of sight) the ball will still get to him (unless, of course, intercepted by the opponent). But there is another trick: instead of throwing the ball with the pass button, press the “through ball” button (keyboard “W” as default). The ball will surpass the intended receiver and land in the open space ahead of him. If you combine this “through” throw with the receiver running forward, you would probably have a good position to deliver a cross. Such a throw near the penalty area should give you a open shot on goal. To do that - try to run the receiver close to the front line of the penalty area and throw the ball to him. If your opponent is not smart enough to guard the area and not the receiver (by the way, computer NEVER does that) you will have a good look – and a chance for a quick shot.

Practice this trick. It is also very useful tool for throw-ins near the goal line, as they can be delivered right in front of goal.

More to come…

As you see, even in throw-in there are some things that can give you an edge. Imagine, what will come next…

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