FIFA08 offensive tactics: Learn how to attack in FIFA08, Electronic Arts' latest football game.

FIFA08 offensive tactics: Learn how to attack in FIFA08, Electronic Arts' latest football game.
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Intoduction to FIFA08

First of all it has to be said that FIFA08 is the most realistic football PC game that EA Sports has managed to produce. There are some, of course, who prefer Pro Evolution Soccer, but let’s leave them alone – it is just a question of loyalty. Myself, I am a FIFA player starting with FIFA 95 (which could be won with the right use of only one button). So here we are, the FIFA08 is here and it is very good soccer simulation.

As I said, I am playing FIFA’s for quite a while and throughout the years I noticed that tactics provide powerful tools to overcome computer opponents. Once the option of playing a human opponent over LAN or IP was introduced, I have used the tactical tricks against my friends with pretty good results.

Team strategy In FIFA08 has been given a special attention by the developers. Many teams have been given unique formations, giving player’s movement a “realistic” logic. But there are more features that control team positioning on the field.

Offensive tactics

Basically, there are 4 offensive and 4 defensive tactical dispositions that can be “turned on”.

The offensive tactics can be called during the match by pressing the keypad 2,4,6,8.

When pressing keypad 8 the Counter Attack option is on. This means your strikers will move quickly forward once you have the position of the ball. Look for breakaways with long passes.

Pressing the keypad 6 sets Wing Play on. This means you wingers (left and right midfielders) will be on the flanks and the attackers will move away from the penalty area when you passing the ball in the flank. This is good for setting crosses or penetrating the penalty area from the sides.

Pressing keypad 2 is the Box Offense. With this option on, all your attacking players will move towards the center of the front penalty area border. This option is good if you want many players inside the small area of the field. Actually, I do not like it, as it always draws many defenders to the area as well.

Pressing the keypad 4 is the “3rd Man” option. This will cause you defensive midfielder (or the one that is left behind during the attack) to join the attack from behind. This is very good potential for a long-range shots (if you are good in this tricky aspect of FIFA08) or just another attacker with penetration passes.

Offensive tactics


These are the four attacking options. Try them against your opponents - especially I recommend the Counter Attack and the Wing Play – and you will have an advantage. At least if your opponents are not aware of the defensive options – which will be covered in the next article.

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