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    • The Ultimate Far Cry Series Guide
      The Far Cry series is one of the most visually amazing first person shooter series ever made. With their signature sandbox style of gameplay and hectic gunfights, it can be overwhelming to play a Far Cry game. Keep reading below for an in-depth guide into everything Far Cry.
    • Far Cry 2: Primary weapon types
      In the second part of our guide we will look at what kind of primary-slot weapons you can hold, and what their capabilities are. Bear this in mind when you undertake a mission, for these types of weapons will most likely be what you use most: your ‘life-insurance’, so to speak...
    • Far Cry 2 - Guide on weapons: A general outlook.
      This five-part guide will offer details on the major weapons available in ‘Far Cry 2’. In the first part, we will look at how weapons are implemented in the game and the additions made
    • How to Make Multiplayer Maps in Far Cry 2
      This Far Cry 2 map maker guide takes you through the steps of creating multiplayer maps you can use in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Hunt The Diamond, and Uprising modes. Edit terrrain, add water and textures, buildings, explosives and weapons, the choice is yours.
    • Far Cry 2 Walkthrough - Tutorial Missions
      The first chapter of our Far Cry 2 guide, which will deal with the initial tutorial missions in order to begin the faction missions later on. The tutorial missions are important to get a feel for the game and find your way around.
    • Far Cry 2: Primary Weapon Basics
      Here are some of the primary Far Cry 2 weapons, together with their capabilities and limitations. We look at new types of weapons; the MGL grenade launcher, the MP5 silenced sub-machine gun and the SPAS 12 semi-automatic shotgun. This is a continuation of our previous weapons article.
    • Far Cry 2 Walkthrough – UFLL mission 3
      For the third UFLL mission, and final mission of Act 1, you will be sabotaging a greenhouse’s irrigation system. This guide will show you how to navigate by using your far cry 2 map, getting to your location and completing the mission (or at least one way to do this).
    • Far Cry 2 Walkthrough – UFLL mission 2
      Here is the second part of Brighthub's guide for Far Cry 2 detailing the second UFLL mission. If you wish you can use this guide on far cry 2 infamous difficulty
    • Far Cry 2 Walkthrough – UFLL mission 1
      The second chapter of our walkthrough, which will deal with the first faction mission in Far Cry 2: new weapons are waiting, such as the M1903 sniper rifle, and you can use them to your advantage.
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