A Guide for Fable PC RPG Game Detailing the Sick Child Quest

A Guide for Fable PC RPG Game Detailing the Sick Child Quest
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There are plenty of things to do in the settlement of Bowerstone, whether you choose to buy new armor/potions or take on any of the quests available in the village. The village consists of a North section, which isn’t open to you yet, Bowerstone Quays and Bowerstone south which is the point of arrival.

Most of the quests are in Bowerstone south and this Fable PC guide will detail the sik child quest, which pays off a fair bit of coin for your thin purse.

The Sick Child

In a shack nearby, a woman will inform you that her son isn’t well, having eaten some peculiar mushrooms. She asks for your help suggesting that the Bowerstone witch is involved in some way and that she may know the only cure.

Head to the Quay area and talk to the witch who will need four blue mushrooms in order to cook-up an antidote. This quest will get you quite a few coins upon completion.

The First Mushroom

Fable Pc Guide - Map

The first mushroom can be purchased from Barrow fields. Look at the map for reference of how to get there: it is going to be a long trip and you’ll need to fight quite a lot, particularly in Darkwood. Take plenty of potions or food and perhaps buy new weapons or armor before the trip.

Fable Pc Guide - Mushroom vendor

Make sure you activate the teleporting platform here and in the nearby Oakvale as you will need these for fast-travel. Once in Barrow fields, find the vendor who informs you on the location of the other three blue mushrooms.

The Second Mushroom

Following the merchant’s directions you can head back to Lookout point where two absent-looking individuals (one sounding uncannily like Danny from ‘Withnail & I) mention a certain mushroom of truth: they seem to have lost the mushroom while standing near the Guild’s fish pond.

Go to the guild’s pond and fish the second mushroom out; you can obtain a fishing rod by saving the Fisherman from bees at Fisher Creek (head to Greatwood then Fisher Creek.)

Playing the fishing mini-game is not very difficult as long as you are careful about the line not snapping and reel in before the fish/objects gets away (i.e. the green-bar filling up.)

The Third Mushroom

The third mushroom can be obtained in the picnic area. Here you will find a rather shrill sounding woman who has eaten one of the mushrooms. She still isn’t happy and asks you to make her laugh; simply laugh at her a few times and she’ll give you the mushroom for free.

The Fourth Mushroom and the Antidote

Fable Pc Guide - Myra

The fourth can be found by taking a quest in the Guild’s woods. Someone will ask you to deliver a love letter to Myra in Oakvale. Deliver the letter and she’ll give you her own letter to deliver back to Cyril. Teleport to the guild, head to the woods and end this quest to retrieve your fourth mushroom.

You can now teleport back to Bowerstone and head to the Quay in order to speak to the junkie-witch, who will promptly start brewing the needed antidote. Go back to southern Bowerstone and hand the antidote to the distressed lady, who will administer it to her son and pay you a handsome reward.

Read the rest of our Fable PC guide for more quests in Bowerstone.

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