Wasp Infestation Quest - Part of Our Fable Lost Chapters Walkthrough

Wasp Infestation Quest - Part of Our Fable Lost Chapters Walkthrough
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Fable Lost Chapters – Taking the Quest

You will have completed your training in the guild and this is really the first real quest you will face, aside from the minor ones in Oakvale. Talk to the guild-master (press TAB) who will tell you to access the quest from the map table.

Fable Lost Chapters - The Map

Go to the map table and press TAB again and the world map will open up, showing you a variety of quests available in the world; unfortunately these are not available to you yet but they will be soon.

Accept the quest and you will be ready to venture out of the guild for your first experience of the fable lost chapters world, after the demise of your home and family. This quest is not difficult to complete at all and the game will provide some help regarding potions, map or inventory items. Read on for more.

Fable Lost Chapters – Lookout Point

Fable Lost Chapters - Worried passer-by

Head out of the double-doors, and towards the area marked as ‘Lookout point’ on your map. As you exit, a rather worried farmer will come towards you informing you of the infestation and pleading for help in killing the giant insects. Go straight ahead and you will get to the picnic area where the action takes place.

In the picnic area you’ll see lots of the huge, colourful insects attacking at will. Unsheathe your iron sword by pressing Q and begin attacking them, always remembering to keep moving as you do so. Their sting is quite powerful so heal up if you need to, perhaps by placing heal-potions in one of the quick-slots for quicker access.

Once you have cleared the area you’ll deal with the queen, a much bigger version of the insects you’ve just defeated and logically much more powerful.

Fable Lost Chapters – The Queen

Fable Lost Chapters - Fighting the Queen

At times the queen wasp will bring forth more of the smaller insects to attack you, so kill these off before trying to shoot down the queen with arrows. Stay clear of her huge sting, which will knock you down for some time.

Equip your bow and as you are drawing an arrow press the right mouse button for a better aim. Hit the queen from a distance, run if you need to and remember to keep your distance or you will die quickly (eventually heal potions will run out.) Heal if you need to in the process.

Fable Lost Chapters - Quest Ending

You’ll find it isn’t very difficult to kill her although it may take a bit of practice for you to draw the arrow then aim in the right direction. Finally, as you’ve done the job, lots of the picnic guests will come running, cheering you on and remarking on your heroic deed.

You’ll get some gold and a fame rating, which will see you move up in the world of fable lost chapters. Read the next parts of our guide for more!

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