Fable: The Lost Chapters

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    • Fable Walkthrough – Bowerstone Quests – the Sick Child
      In the next installment of Brighthub’s ‘Fable’ guide you will find yourself in a rustic settlement known as Bowerstone, where quests and adventure abound.
    • Fable: The Lost Chapters - Walkthrough - Oakvale village
      Here is a guide for the popular Role-playing game ‘Fable’, here in its expanded version called ‘The lost chapters. Should you wish to play a good-aligned hero, read through our ‘Fable: the lost chapters’ walkthrough to achieve fame and glory.
    • Fable: The Lost Chapters - Walkthrough - Orchard farm
      Our intrepid hero marches on to complete yet another quest available in the map room: to protect or attack Orchard Farm. You have both options in the lost chapters and this guide will explore both aspects of the ethical spectrum.
    • Fable Lost Chapters - Walkthrough - The Experience System
      After your long-deserved graduation from the Guild, you can finally explore the world of ‘Fable Lost Chapters’: fame and glory await your hero as he weaves the fabric of history, for good or evil. In this article we look at how you can advance your skills by learning about the experience interface.
    • Fable: The Lost Chapters - Walkthrough - The Wasp Infestation
      The continuation of our guide for Fable lost chapters, which will see us undertaking our first real quest in the wasp infestation nearby.
    • Fable: The Lost Chapters - Walkthrough - The Guild and the Guildmaster
      In the second part of ‘Fable: The lost chapters’ we will take residence in the Guild, a school for heroes which will shape you for further adventuring, and begin our training with the Guildmaster. This is not particularly difficult and you will meet Whisper, an interesting character.
    • Retro Games: Fable - The Lost Chapters
      With the advent of Fable 2 in just three weeks - we thought it'd be interesting to take a look at how the series made the jump to the PC. Is it still relevant in a world where graphics have evolved so much? Find out inside.