Guide on the Orchard Farm Quest in Fable Lost Chapters

Guide on the Orchard Farm Quest in Fable Lost Chapters
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Fable Lost Chapters – Orchard Farm Quest

You need to speak to Maze in Bowerstone village who will inform you of some pivotal twist in the lost chapters’ plot, something regarding the previous attack in Oakvale. You can take his advice and spend some hard-earned coin on new equipment and potions, though the quest isn’t particularly strenuous on your current faculties.

Once the cut-scene is over you can easily teleport back to the Guild, which saves considerable time, by holding the G key and waiting until the map comes up: from the map pick the hero’s guild and choose to teleport.

Press TAB once near the map and the quest will become available, due to your fame in the world having risen. Head out of the double-doors and you are on your way.

Fable Lost Chapters – Protecting Orchard Farm – Wooded Areas

Fable Lost Chapters: Bees

Follow the yellow marker on the map and you will eventually find yourself in the woods surrounded by those giant bees again. Kill off the overfed mosquitoes, by sword or magic, and head to the next section in Greatwood Lake where you’ll be confronted by more bold wildlife.

The bolder wildlife might include a bandit or two, not just insect, so be prepared to heal should you need to. Trawl through the various sections, where yet more bees are harassing passers-by, and clean up the area. Next you will be headed to Orchard Farm itself.

Fable Lost Chapters – Protecting Orchard Farm – The Farm

Fable Lost Chapters: Whisper

You’ll be greeted with enthusiasm upon your arrival. A horde of bandits will keep attacking from the north side of the map, so head there ahead of time and fight whatever is thrown at you. The local guards will help you in the cause which should make it somewhat easier. If you’ve chosen the option of ‘boasting’ in the quest, or taking extra requirements leading to a heftier reward, take care not to get hit and try to keep the guards alive.

The last encounter is none other than whisper herself, dressed appropriately for the quest. She will challenge you once again, despite having lost the first time: get your multiplier up and land a power attack (left mouse button) to eventually drive her off.

Fable Lost Chapters – Attacking Orchard Farm

Nothing changes in the initial process apart for the fact that you will get booed if you try and boast about your evil deeds, if you do decide to take the boasting option in this lost chapters’ quest which involves protecting the bandits (amongst other options.)

Fable Lost Chapters: The Swag

Take the same route as above, whacking as many bees and insects as you can to get some experience points under your belt. As you finally reach Orchard Farm you will be met by the leader of the scoundrel who informs you of his cunning plan. In order to complete the quest he will need to successfully steal all of the crates in the barn.

For each crate there will be about three guards to meet you, who are more difficult to fight than the bandits. Drop a potion in one of the quickslots and get fighting.

The last encounter remains the same as you fight it out with whisper. Find more quests in the continuation of our Fable Lost Chapters walkthrough.

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