A Look at the Levelling System in Fable Lost Chapters

A Look at the Levelling System in Fable Lost Chapters
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Fable Lost Chapters – Experience and You

The previous article mentions experience orbs, albeit briefly, and how they affect your character’s development. It is important you gather these glowing artifacts each time you kill a monster, creature or villain as doing so will allow your hero to grow and acquire more skills in your chosen area.

Fable lost chapter’s experience system is somewhat different from a traditional point-buy system or from traditional level progression, as in computer adaptations of D20 rules. The orbs gathered go towards general experience points and points accumulated from using either strength, skill or will are stored into each of these pools. This lean system effectively makes for a more balanced game, cutting-down the possibility of creating a character which is too powerful, and allows you to create a more focused hero/villain.

In summary use magic, your sword or your bow to put experience points into each respective pool. These points are added to general points and used up in your area of specialization – i.e. buying a new spell which you could otherwise not afford. There is no ‘level-up’ in the traditional sense and the experience-spending platform is always open, allowing you to buy new skills or spells as long as you have the necessary points to spend.

Fable Lost Chapters – Experience-Spending Platform

The platform is located in the guild’s map room and the Guildmaster will let you know about it once you have completed your training and graduated. As mentioned it is always usable, even if solely to check how much experience you have gathered during your last quests and how far-off you are from buying skills you need.

To use the platform simply walk near it: the interface screen will come up. The first thing you will see is all three disciplines (strength, skill and will) with a number by their right side. This number indicates how many skill attributes you can afford in each discipline.

Fable Lost Chapters – Levelling Example

As an example, in the image ‘Will’ shows up as having 12 attributes to choose, which in this case are spells; spells are divided into various categories such as attack, physical or surround.

Fable Lost Chapters: Spell Types

Clicking onto ‘Will’ shows which attributes are available: in this case one attack spell (the most expensive), four Surround spells, six Physical spells and Magic Power which increases your mana. Since one of the key aspects of the game is alignment even spells are good, evil or neutral-aligned so take care in what you choose if you plan on completing the game as the good sort of hero.

Fable Lost Chapters: Physical Spells

Lastly, in this particular example I’ve decided to pick from a range of physical spells almost all of which are either neutral or good aligned. They are also some of the cheapest spells to learn as far as experience points are concerned and you can easily learn most of what is available by completing a single quest. Attack magic is amongst the most expensive.

That is really all there is to levelling in ‘Fable Lost Chapters’; as long as you have a basic concept for your character you can use your discipline and spend points to create your own hero.

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