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Fable: The Lost Chapters - Walkthrough - Oakvale village

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Here is a guide for the popular Role-playing game ‘Fable’, here in its expanded version called ‘The lost chapters. Should you wish to play a good-aligned hero, read through our ‘Fable: the lost chapters’ walkthrough to achieve fame and glory.

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    Fable: The Lost Chapters - Walkthrough - Oakvale village

    Although it has been debated whether Fable falls into the Role-playing or Action adventure category (Peter Molyneux had doubts himself) it is still considered a classic RPG by many fans of the genre, more due to its levelling system than the stocky, pre-defined characters you choose. Here you don’t have the usual choice of class, race and attribute points but you still get to spend accumulated experience points in order to level.

    In this ‘Fable: the lost chapters’ walkthrough we will focus on the good hero, who seeks justice by sword and whose fame precedes him. Keep reading further if you need help on quests or various other details.

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    Basics of Play – Information On-screen

    On-screen information The game guides you through the basics from the very beginning, such as moving about in the world, activating quests or attacking foes. In the next chapter you also get help from the Guildmaster, so playing and finding out the specifics of everything is fairly easy work. However our ‘Fable: the lost chapters’ walkthrough will still help you out.

    Everything you need is displayed on-screen. You have your bars for both Health and mana in the top left-hand side (keep an eye on the health bar particularly), your quickslots for potions or weapons on the bottom-left, your weapon slots on your bottom right (Q for primary, E for secondary) and finally your map. The map will show a golden icon or arrow once you undertake quests so you know where to go.

    Lastly you can access everything with the function keys. For instance, press F9 to access your Quest book or F4 to open up your inventory.

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    The Bully

    Before you embark on the main quest, finding your little sister, you can actually have a little fun around Oakvale. First turn around, where the wooden bridge is, and head east, using the map on the top of your screen. You’ll soon find a bully taunting his victim, a little kid, demanding pocket money and other such brigandry.


    Since we are focussed on a good hero here, we will simply deck the bully and make him run back to Momma. Press spacebar as you are facing the scoundrel and he will have a red glow instead of green: this means you can attack. Quest-characters are always glowing green, whereas blue ones are simply NPC’s you can talk to.


    Press your left mouse button and you will hit the guy flush, as he promptly shows the coward he really is and runs away apologising. The kid will thank you and will give you a stuffed bear, which you can give to the little girl near where you begun (she also hangs around near the barn at times.)

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    Watching the Barrels

    This farmer has the motions... Follow the cobbled streets and turn left: a man with a Liverpudlian accent (?) approaches you asking for help (if he is not there just wait.) This is quite simple, yet, like everything in the game you can also take the evil approach.


    The podgy kid, clearly evil inclined, gives you the idea of stealing from the barrels saying they contain “stuff inside." You can smash the barrels if you like, which will result in a minor evil deed, but I recommend just watching them and waiting for the guy’s return. There isn’t anything particularly valuable in them and your father may give you a “clip ‘round the ear" for committing a bad deed.

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    An Unfaithful Husband

    The tryst... Now go towards the tavern/ town square and you will see Corina Gown outside her house. Remember that quest-characters are highlighted green. Corina is far from happy and will ask you to find her husband, suspecting an affair.



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    Hilarity ensues... Move back west and he will be at the back of the first house on your left. He will be embracing his “little honeypot" and, as you press TAB to activate him, he will beg you not to tell his wife. Again you have the choice of deed you can commit. Go back and report to Corina, then follow her and watch the scene.

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    Report to Your Father and Buy Your Sister a Gift

    To finish off and move onto the next area, the guild, you will need to buy your sister a gift for her birthday. If you are the curious type, you will have found her diary mentioning her birthday in your house, by activating one of the cupboards (press TAB.)


    First go to your father and he will give you some coins for all the good deeds committed. Head to the square again, and find a merchant (who seems slightly suspect to me) in order to buy some chocolates for your little sis. Now head east again and you will see your sister playing in the fields, where the scarecrow is planted. Give her the gift and watch the cut-sequence for the next area of our ‘Fable: the lost chapters’ walkthrough.