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Fable: The Lost Chapters - Walkthrough - The Guild and the Guildmaster

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In the second part of ‘Fable: The lost chapters’ we will take residence in the Guild, a school for heroes which will shape you for further adventuring, and begin our training with the Guildmaster. This is not particularly difficult and you will meet Whisper, an interesting character.

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    Maze the wizard After the disaster which took place in Oakvale, you find yourself without a home or parents to go back to; your sister was also apparently killed during the bandit invasion. Luckily, a mysterious figure appears by the name of Maze, seemingly a powerful wizard, who saves you and takes you to meet the Guildmaster, who trains heroes-to-be.

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    The Guildmaster, a powerful man... This forms the second part of ‘Fable: The lost chapters’ and will see you train alongside Whisper, another bright promise like yourself, so you can leave the world for further adventures and exploration. You can always teleport back to the Guild where you will receive quests as they unfold, by none other than the Guildmaster himself.

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    Guild Training – Kill the Beetles Infesting the Woods

    Whack those beasts Whisper will wake you from your slumber and eventually you will be downstairs. Turn right and go through the canteen area, then through the gardens. Follow the yellow marker on your map to get to the Guildmaster. Here you’ll learn something about combat, first by punching the dummy (lock onto it by pressing spacebar) then by hitting it with a stick (Q to equip your weapon.)

    After that the Guild alarm sounds: looks like beetles are infesting the woods. Go towards the woods and through the archway, the game will load the next area. Kill all the beetles and don’t forget to collect the necessary orbs (the glowing green/yellowish things) to gain experience: do this either by keeping left-shift pressed or by walking on them. Once finished you can choose to continue your training or explore the guild, if you like.

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    Guild Training – Learning to Use the Sword

    Power attack Next you’ll be learning how to fight with a real sword instead of a wooden stick. In ‘Fable: The lost chapters’ the combat system is quite easy to pick up.

    First the Guildmaster will instruct you on how to land hits, your partner will be Whisper. Just keep on pressing the left-mouse button until the Master is satisfied. You will then learn how to block, which is usually done by the middle mouse-button. Choose an alternative key if you like.

    The last part will see you put your knowledge to good use, in a duel against Whisper. You need to both block and land hits and beat her in order to be a successful swordsman. Keep an eye on the bottom right-hand side of the screen: once you land enough hits consecutively an icon will light up. Once the icon is lit press the right mouse button and you will perform a power-hit.

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    Guild Training – Archery Training

    Hitting dummies Using the bow isn’t a particularly difficult feat either and can be more fun than using a sword. To equip your bow press E; once this is done you can aim more accurately by keeping the left mouse-button pressed while pressing the right mouse-button once. Moreover, the longer you keep the bow-string drawn the more powerful a hit you will land.

    Hit all the stationary targets, which will then turn to moving ones. Once you are satisfied you can move onto will training.

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    Guild Training – Will Training

    Casting lightning The last bit of training you will need to do in ‘Fable: The lost chapters’ is for your will, or in other words casting spells. This is the easiest of the three tests. All you need is to keep the left-shift key pressed and click your left mouse button. You will automatically hit all three dummies and move onto the final test.

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    Guild Training – the Final Test

    For the final test you need to face Maze, the wizard who brought you here. Hitting him is not an easy feat but, by persevering, you should succeed eventually. You will put all three hero disciplines (sword, archery, will) into use for this test.

    Maze is likely to move around and disappear for a while, so make sure you keep looking around with your mouse. The hardest test is hitting him with arrows while the easiest is the spells. After you finish you are ready to take on real quests, which will be discussed in the next parts of our ‘Fable: The lost chapters’ walkthrough.