Dynasty Warriors Eastern Sword Guide

Dynasty Warriors Eastern Sword Guide
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Calling All Samurai

There are a ton of weapons in Dynasty Warriors Online. Not only are there a huge variety of weapons in various categories, each category of weapons has its own set of weapons. That’s kind of vast, right? Well, with all those weapons to choose from in Aeria Games free-to-play hack-and-slash MMO, it can be a bit difficult to determine which one to use and for what purposes. There’s no need to worry, though, this Dynasty Warriors Eastern Sword guide will help detail on what the pros and cons are of the weapon, as well as whether it’s suitable for PvP or simply sticking with PvE.

The E. Sword And Its Design

Taking the Eastern Sword into combat

The Eastern Sword is also better known as the Samurai Sword. In the game all swords under this particular category are labeled as E. Swords. This is the short description of the weapon and from here on throughout this guide the sword will be referred to as an E. Sword.

The basic design of the weapon is that of a Nodachi. While the lower levels will vary in name, the design itself is similar to that of an elongated Katana, meaning that no matter what the E. Sword will always be bigger than the Katana and slightly slower, no matter what name is given to it in the game.

Compared To Other Swords

Cutting through the competition

If you’d like to know why the E. Sword would be good to use or what purpose it shares in comparison to the other swords on the game, take note that it’s slightly two-fold: on one hand the E. Sword is entirely an aesthetic weapon when compared to another sword such as the Scimitar or the Long Sword, the downside is that all the strokes and swings are thorough. So you’re not only going to swing the sword but you’re also going to appreciate the technique that comes along with it…if the E. Sword is the kind of weapon you plan to use. It does slightly more damage than the Twin Swords but it’s not as fast. It also happens to deal less damage than the Tyrant Sword or the Giant Blade, however it provides for far more quick-counter measures, speed and defensive properties in comparison to both the aforementioned swords.

Combos And Tactics

Musuo rage no. 1

The biggest appeal for any weapon in a Dynasty Warriors game is how well it can combo one attack to the next, string together light attacks with charge attacks, and put together a series of devastating moves leading up to a nice Musuo attack.

Musuo Rage no. 2

Not all the weapons are made equally in Dynasty Warriors Online and each weapon requires some serious adjustment to the playing style and combat tactics required to make the most of it. So with all that said, the E. Sword is through-and-through a grounded, weapon designed to take on waves of enemies and proves to be an excellent defensive weapon for players who like sleek weapons that execute streamlined attacks.

The E. Sword is also a stationary weapon, and doesn’t afford for a lot of maneuverability during combat. So you’ll either have to draw enemies to you or seek out groups before starting any combos. Also, unlike DWO’s whip, you can’t move around taking down enemies or maneuver behind them while striking. The best tactic for the E. Sword is to aim at who you plan to attack and initiate three normal attacks followed by a charge attack or four normal attacks with a quick Musuo rage ending. This works well for large mobs or enemies who don’t die quickly.

PvP With The E. Sword

Fighting other players can be challenging

A lot of fancy swordplay and dynamic weapon combos don’t mean much if you plan to PvP and the weapon isn’t suited for it. The good news is that the E. Sword is a different kind of approach to PvP combat. It doesn’t rely on air-juggles like the whip, nor does it center on twirling attacks like the T. Swords and it’s strikes and sweeps are less range-oriented than the various spears and cudgels. Instead, the E. Sword is a PvP weapon of measured timing and counter-attacking. It offers a great range of quick strikes that come off well from blocking an attack and it’s easy to wear opponents down with moderate slashes and pierces that can sometimes keep opponents off balanced. Just be wary about back attacks, as the E. Sword does not offer the same kind of agility as the nun-chucks or whip when it comes to spins and protecting one-self from all sides.

Upgrading The E. Sword

Posing with the sword

In order to upgrade a weapon you need to know where a weapon has its faults. The E. Sword’s biggest drawback is in its Musuo attacks and Life stats. The damage it puts out is adequate and the attack ratio is decent enough, however, when finishing off bosses or higher-level players the only thing that really matters is how well you can combo-in the Musuo attack to wipe out your foe. Upgrading or adding more orbs to the Musuo meter in the weapon’s temper values would be a great way to extend the functionality of the E. Sword and allow it to not only fare well with mobs and field Lieutenants but also for standing toe-to-toe with high-defense players.

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