Dynasty Warriors Online Cudgel Guide

Dynasty Warriors Online Cudgel Guide
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The Power Of A Blunt Object

If you’re new to Dynasty Warriors Online you may not know about the weapon variety available in the game, which features everything from spears to hand axes to maces to nun-chucks. Much like previous games in the Dynasty Warriors franchise, each weapon has its own pros and cons and allows players to manipulate the fighting style of that weapon to their advantage during battle.

Some of the earlier weapons that can be obtained at the early point of the game include the spear, axes and the cudgel. This Dynasty Warriors Online cudgel guide will walk you through some of the basics for using the cudgel, as well as what to look out for when using it or battling other players during the mission-based PvP bouts.

Knowing How To Kick Butt With A Cudgel

Taking down bad guys with a cudgel

In previous Dynasty Warrior games, such as Dynasty Warriors 5 or Dynasty Warriors 6, the cudgel was not a prime weapon of choice for most characters on the game(s). Instead, there were a lot of spear, sword and fan users. In Dynasty Warriors Online, the cudgel takes a much more prominent place amongst the weapon cache, but knowing how to use it is essential for understanding its efficiency.

Unlike the spear or the axe, the cudgel doesn’t cut through or cut down opponents. The main focus of the cudgel is on combo attacks, and a steady stream of swings, swipes and blunt jabs that stun opponents first before knocking them down. It’s important to first recognize that if you plan on using the cudgel you’ll need to understand how to use it to keep enemies stunned before finishing them off. The lower level cudgels require a lot more skill to use than the higher level ones given that they do far less damage but are quick enough with a fair amount of reach. Just remember to end most combos with the strong attack as it focuses on sweeping, otherwise it’s possible to underachieve when using the cudgel in larger mob groups.

Upgrading The Cudgel

Heading to the market to upgrade a weapon

Many starting cudgels that are found on the battlefield have their temper nearly full, which means that they are limited in what sort of upgrades they can take. Finding a low-used, high-value temper cudgel means that it has more room to withstand a variety of upgrades in a number of categories, including but not limited to damage, attack rates, musuo rage and defense.

In order to upgrade the cudgel, just like the other weapons in Dynasty Warriors Online, you’ll need upgrade stones that can be retrieved from leather pouches found scattered throughout the battlefields. The best way to obtain them is to either defeat an enemy boss officer or to break open the crates littered around the battle areas.

Light Cudgels, Deadly Cudgels And Cudgel Grades

High level weapons in action

Starting players may not know this, but just because you acquire a weapon in Dynasty Warriors Online doesn’t mean that it’s final. Just like any other MMORPG out there, such as Allods Online or Lunia, there are grades for each weapon and grade types.

In most MMOs when you acquire a weapon and then later acquire a higher grade of that same weapon, such as starting with a training sword and then later looting a silver sword, normally the stats are fixed and the damage is static. In Dynasty Warriors Online similar rules apply, however when you acquire a weapon the most important aspect of the weapon is not simply its stats but how much room is free for tempering the weapon.

Cleaning house with a cudgel

These grades determine how much a weapon can be tempered to accommodate the sort of upgrades you would like to include into the weapon using the blacksmithing tools located in the market place of the main starting town.

As you level up, you’ll be able to loot higher grade weapons, some of which will have varied stats, so be sure to look over how much room the weapon has in its temper as well as what stats it focuses on before instantly dumping it or instantly storing it. Small changes like lower attack rates but higher damage or lower damage and higher musuo will make huge differences in how you’ll make use of the weapon on the battlefield.

Facing The Opposition With A Cudgel

Score a victory for the cudgel

When playing Dynasty Warriors Online, the combat for each weapon will be quite different when engaged in PvP. The player-versus-player combat in DWO is a little unlike any other MMOPRG out there mainly because of the amount of skill and technique required to be effective at it. Imagine Red Cliff’s PvP battle mechanic but sped up vastly.

The one thing to keep in mind is that fighting with the cudgel is all about timing. It’s not the quickest PvP weapon and the T. Sabers and axe are slightly quicker on the initial draw. However, the cudgel provides players with strikingly efficient combos that are tough to get out of once they get started. It’s best to initiate a fight by first blocking and then waiting for the opponent’s combo to end before starting up with a series of quick strikes and finishing it off with a hard attack to pop the enemy up in the air. The only way to out attack someone first in a fight is to modify the temper of the cudgel to support higher attack rates for quicker attacks.

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