Dynasty Warriors 6 - Does It Live Up To It's Predecessors or Is This One Dynasty Warriors Title That You Should Chop?

Dynasty Warriors 6 - Does It Live Up To It's Predecessors or Is This One Dynasty Warriors Title That You Should Chop?
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I have played just about every Dynasty Warriors game ever made, going back to several years ago when I had a PlayStation 2. Now that I’ve played Dynasty Warriors 6 on the PS3, I have to say the series is starting to get old. This game is just like the PS2 ones, though with better graphics, but it doesn’t really offer anything you haven’t already done before in the nearly half dozen other games that came before it.

The premise of this game is that you get to play a famous general from ancient China and fight your way through large scale battles based on real conflicts from many centuries ago. It’s a third person action game, and some of the battles may take you an hour to complete. There really isn’t much strategy to getting through the game, although some of the bosses can be tough. Even though you have a bunch of fellow officers helping out on the battlefield, you will end up doing most of the work.

Gameplay (4 out of 5)

What I always liked about the gameplay is that you can charge into a group of twenty or so enemy soldiers and hit them all at the same time with your wide circular weapons swings. This game is ridiculously fun in that manner, because it was designed for you to take on armies of peons that go down after a few hits. The real challenge is taking out enemy generals, and some of them can be pretty tough when they start using their special powers on you.

What’s New (3 out of 5)

As far as what’s new in this PS3 game, the gameplay is still basically the same despite a few changes. You can now swim and climb ladders, which adds a little something to how you can move around. There is a new combo attack system that is kind of neat, but it takes a while before you can really use it. Another change is the ability to assign skill points for boosting attack and defense powers, plus more. The game still has the same inventory system as before, and you will gain levels and powers as you progress through the battles. You have to successfully finish a battle before you get any of the points. No partial victories allowed here.

Graphics (3 out of 5)


The graphics in this PS3 version of Dynasty Warriors 6 are pretty good, and noticeably better than the previous versions on Xbox or PS2. The environments are mostly flat with a few hills to climb, and everything looks fairly nice. Because this is such an action-oriented game, don’t expect to be blown away by visuals. As far as PS3 games go, I thought this one looked pretty good. You will be able to unlock a lot of different characters to play, which is always fun.

Even on the PS3, this game still sometimes slows down when there’s a lot of stuff on screen. It’s like the game goes into slow motion for a couple of seconds until everything refreshes, but it mainly just happens when the screen is packed full of enemy soldiers. Since it usually happens while you are in mid swing and enemies are flying through the air, it at least doesn’t disrupt the gameplay.

Sound and Music (4 out of 5)

These PS3 games are kind of famous for their synthesized heavy metal soundtracks, and this one is no different. From screeching pseudo guitars to pounding electronic drum beats, the music doesn’t seem to fit the ancient China setting of the game, but it does fit well with the relentless action. Other than the music, the sound effects all get repetitive no matter what you do, and the voice acting is fairly stereotypical of this type game because everyone talks like they are angry and shouting.

Dynasty Warriors 6 Overall (3 out of 5)

The bottom line here is that if you’ve never played a Dynasty Warriors game before and have a PlayStation 3, then by all means check out Dynasty Warriors 6. If you are like me and have been following the series, you’ll probably still like this one because it is more of the same stuff, but it’s about time they added something really new.

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