PS3 Game Strategy Guide for Dynasty Warriors 6 - Tips, Tricks, and More

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Enemy Generals

To get extra experience and all kinds of bonus items and power-ups, you need to take out as many enemy generals as possible in Dynasty Warriors 6. They are indicated on your map as darker circles. Many of the enemy generals travel by themselves and are fairly easy to take out. However, some move in pairs, or wind up close together toward the end of the battle if the enemy starts to retreat. The last thing you want is to fight two generals at the same time, because they can gang up and really pummel you.

When you find yourself in battle with two generals, the best strategy is to draw one of them away from the other, then start working their hit points down while keeping an eye on the other. If you move in to attack a general, they usually follow you short distances to hit back, and you can use this to your advantage. If another general sweeps in and starts hitting you from behind, don’t be afraid to run away and regroup, otherwise you won’t last long.

The basic strategy for taking out any enemy general is to attack and run, over and over. Generals like to use their special moves and abilities almost exclusively, so as long as you can avoid their power attacks, you’ll be OK. Don’t expect to run up to an enemy general and hit them over and over again without them hitting back, because they usually deal out devastating blows to the unprepared. Look for visual clues that appear on the enemy general moments before they unleash a signature move.

Take Out Archers First

Archers will eat your alive in this game, so make sure to take them out first. What happens is they group together and hurl several arrows at a time, and they are very good shots when firing at still targets. The trick is to keep moving in a zig-zag formation while approaching them, and jumping also helps. Archers have very little defensive power, so they are easy to take out, but be careful going in because they can deplete your hit points a lot faster than a group of enemy peon swordsman. Don’t forget to knock down the towers they hide in, too. Be sure to take out any ballista weapons on castle walls, too.

Don’t Get Too Far Ahead

Although you are expected to lead the charge in most every battle, you have to be careful not to get too far ahead of your soldiers or you’ll be overwhelmed. Pay attention to the overhead map to see where the crowds are moving, and try to stay close. Also be careful when climbing walls and jumping to the other side, because you might land in the middle of a fortress full of enemy soldiers and have nobody there to back you up. If you want your armies to catch up to you, then go back and help them clear the way. As an experiment once, I ran all the way to the other side of the battlefield and got caught in a sea of enemy soldiers so thick that I could not move or even jump out of the way. I was hitting thirty of them every time I swung my weapon, but they kept coming and eventually took me out. I won’t ever do that again.

Explore for Bonus Items

Throughout all the maps you will find baskets containing items like health and power-ups that increase your attack, defense, speed, and so on. These baskets are usually located on the outskirts of the maps, and often not near any big battles. If you find yourself low on health, start running along the outer rims of the maps and you’ll often find a much-needed health bonus. I usually find them in corners along gate walls, and also around small villages. Finding these items is often crucial to completing the battles, so keep an eye out.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun playing Dynasty Warriors 6!