Dynasty Warriors Online Spear Guide

Dynasty Warriors Online Spear Guide
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Poking And Piercing At Its Finest

With Tecmo Koei and Aeria Games joining forces to make Dynasty Warriors Online free-to-play, just about anyone can download the game, boot it up and start swinging away at countless foes in this online iteration of the popular hack-and-slash fighting game based on the popular Romance of the Three Kingdoms lore. Well, even though anyone can hop into the online world of Dynasty Warriors, it doesn’t mean that they’ll be master of all the weapons available for players to use right at the start of the game.

There are a few things to keep in mind when playing Dynasty Warriors Online, and it’s mostly that just because you think you may know the game based on previous renditions, there are a couple of changes with the weapons and weapon handling that can drastically alter most player’s playing style. This Dynasty Warriors Online spear guide will point out some of the things to keep in mind and to watch out for when using the spear in Dynasty Warriors Online.

Starting Spear And Getting Acquainted

Spear stats and attributes

Automatically, players will start with the bronze spear in Dynasty Warriors Online, and receive basic tutorial skills on using the spear to battle both NPCs and players. Now, most players would automatically assume that just pressing the action button would ensure that the character attacks and the bad guys fall. However, each weapon has its own set of combination attacks and mastering them are just half the battle of becoming truly effective at wielding a weapon.

The other half of effectiveness is in choosing the right stats and abilities to upgrade on the weapon in order for it to have long lasting appeal for the kind of battles you plan to fight.

Spear Vs Cudgel

Winning pose with the spear

Early in the game one of the other weapons that you’ll likely encounter is the cudgel, a staff weapon with long range strikes and quick combos. A few people might be wondering what the difference is between a cudgel and a spear, it basically boils down to the way the strikes are handled and the damage effects.

Many of the basic spear attacks focus on piercing and sweeping, as opposed to the cudgel, which relies more on sweeps and swinging strikes for stuns. For the most part, players will be able to take down large mobs quickly and use the attacks to conveniently overpower opponents at both short and long ranges.

The other big difference between the cudgel and spear, despite sharing a similar appearance and some attack styles, is that the cudgel is a weapon that can string together combos based on stunning mobs rather than knocking mobs down. The spear, however, usually knocks opponents down at the end of every string combo.

Upgrading The Spear

NPCs can help with upgrading weapons

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when using the spear: the starting stats are quite decent but the damage and attack rate is a little low. The damage, however, for most starting spears is still higher than the cudgel. Given that the spear knocks down opponents with just a few hits it would probably be in the interest of gamers who want to attack and take out as many opponents in a few quick hits to upgrade the attack rate and reach after acquiring the appropriate items.

Hacking and slashing down bad guys

Take note, though, upgrading items in Dynasty Warriors Online is not like upgrading weapons in a game like World of Warcraft or ROHAN Online. Instead, the upgrades increase the overall power-up capabilities that the weapon can contain when acquiring power-ups during a battle. So upgrading the damage gauge will allow you to increase the damage property by one more during combat, which can be very useful depending on who you’re fighting and the game mode. In order to upgrade the weapon you’ll need a set number of gems that must be acquired in battle, these are then used at the blacksmith crafting bench located in the marketplace.

Hopefully this Dynasty Warriors Online beginner guide for using the spear helped in using the spear in the game. For more Dynasty Warriors guides and MMO walkthroughs be sure to check them out right here at Bright Hub.

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