Dynasty Warriors Online Whip Guide

Dynasty Warriors Online Whip Guide
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Whipping The Competition

By now, most gamers are well aware that Dynasty Warriors Online is up, out and available for the public in a number of regions. The free-to-play hack-and-slash, action-RPG sees gamers creating a character, choosing a region and eventually battling through the newbie missions in order to acquire a new weapon.

One of the new weapons to appear in the update for Dynasty Warriors Online is the whip, which is also known as the Nine-Tails, White Snake or the Captain’s Daughter. It’s a devastating weapon that sees players whipping and cutting through opponents with deadly grace. Oftentimes the Chinese whip is only used during demonstrations and presentations, however in DWO the whip is no kata toy, it’s a fast and powerful weapon in the right hands and this Dynasty Warriors Online whip guide will explain how.

The Basic Use Of The Whip

Mowing down enemies with the whip

Obtaining the whip is pretty easy. The first level for the whip is called the Nine-Tails and it’s oftentimes located in a weapon chest that drops from an on-field boss. Just like all the other weapons on the game, the temper values will vary for each whip you obtain, and of course, the higher the temper value the better it is for upgrading.

Unlike some of the other weapons on the game such as the spear or cudgel, the whip is a difficult weapon to gauge right from the start. Mainly, its damage is associated with the length of its combos. One of its highlights, however, is that it aims to mix moderate damage with moderate distance with moderate speed. The weapon is entirely open for interpretation based on the way its upgraded and used by the player, making it a very unique addition to the game.

Combos And Crowd Control

A different kind of crowd control

Anyone who spent a little time with the various weapons in Dynasty Warriors Online knows that certain weapons are better for some things than other weapons. For instance, it’s easy to keep many large crowds and players stunned using the twirling twin sword stun attack. It’s also fairly common knowledge that the twin picks and hand axe are two of the strongest weapons on the game and can easily make mincemeat out of any player or NPC with a good Musuo combo. The whip, however, focuses its strongest assets on stop-and-go string combos. It’s a very original weapon insofar that players are encouraged to experiment with finding ways of keeping opponents from falling down by continuously using light attacks while stopping before finishing a combo in order to execute another combo.

The charge attacks of the whip focus on sweeping opponents off their feet, while the basic attacks are straight forward whips and strikes. One particular combo to use to keep players and crowds continuously stunned is three normal attacks and one charge with a brief pause and then a repeat of the same combo to dish out extra damage. This combo can be used even for lower-level whip grades.

Upgrades And Temper

Heading to the market for upgrades

Different level grades of a weapon allows for different levels of temper, which in turn, allows for higher values of upgrades. Level 1 weapons usually have a maximum temper value of only 10 or 11. A rare grade level 1 might have a higher value. Level 2 weapons usually have a temper value between 13 and 17 and level 3 can range between 15 and 19. Again, much of it depends on the rarity of the weapon and high temper values at lower levels are equivalent to the Epic or Legendary weapons from games like Dragonica or Allods Online.

In some cases, a lower level weapon with higher temper values is sometimes better than a higher level weapon with lower temper. The whole point of the temper value determines how many different types of upgrades a weapon can receive and even if a high level weapon may have some decent stats, if it has a temper value of 9, it’s technically weaker than a level 2 weapon with a temper value of 19. For the whip it’s important to have both defense and life as a focal point of the temper alongside attack and damage. Most whips have low life values in their temper and it can make the user vulnerable for getting killed easily by axe or pick users.

Whipping Up The Competition In PvP

Victorious after a hard-fought battle

On the battlefield with the whip

The whip is a fun weapon to use in PvP because it can either be used to keep opponents at a distance using light sweeps or it can be used to suck opponents in stringing together a series of light strikes, overhead attacks and plenty of swings, loops and spins. The nice part about the whip is that it’s quite compact in its attacks as well as being a bit crafty, allowing players to get in a few extra hits as the weapon is being retracted back to its ready state.

For engaging other players in combat, it’s best to shorten the distance and face them head on. Some weapons allow players to move around rather freely while stringing together combos, but the whip is quite stationary, despite being able to hit targets from multiple directions. The upside is that most of the whip’s attacks are faster than starting attacks from the spear, the pick and the tyrant sword. One thing to keep in mind is that during PvP, players using a hand axe can out-attack whip users given the axe’s very powerful strikes. It’s best to approach axe users while defending, and waiting for their combo to end before unleashing a flurry of attacks on them.

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