Dynasty Warriors Online Weapon Guide

Dynasty Warriors Online Weapon Guide
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Beginning A Legendary Warrior

One company has made it their life’s work to excel at thousand-army hack-and-slash games, and that company happens to be Omega Force. Most of their renown games are published by Koei and are attached to the popular Dynasty Warriors franchise. Their latest game is Dynasty Warriors Online and it’s an MMORPG mixture of just about every Dynasty Warrior game that they’ve done in the past. The game features a wide variety of different playing styles, weapons and customization features, and this Dynasty Warriors Online weapon guide for beginners will help acquaint you with the weapons that are available to players early on in the game.

Weapons From The Past

Fighting an army

A lot of players might be wondering what sort of weapon cache is available to the player in Dynasty Warriors Online and I can confidently say that just about every single useable weapon from past Dynasty Warriors games makes an appearance in some form or fashion in DWO. The real highlight of the game is that there are always a variety of useable weapons available for the player at just about any given time in the game.

While every player starts off using a spear, the option to venture off into other forms of weaponry become available as players level up or earn cash from selling items, in order to buy or upgrade to a new weapon. Take note that weapons like the nunchucks and chain are only accessible at higher levels in the game.

Acquiring Weapons Without Excessive Grinding

Buying weapons from an NPC vendor

One thing that might plague the conception of many gamer’s outlook for Dynasty Warriors Online is that considering that the weapons must be unlocked or earned through progressive play that it must take forever to earn the sort of weapon that some players may have originally sought to use at the onset of playing the game. And while it’s true, the weapons must be earned through progressive play of the game, they actually aren’t as hard to acquire as they might seem.

Many of the weapons that are used during the training quests at the weapon NPC vendor at the center of the courtyard can be obtained simply by defeating captains or bosses in the actual training quests. Just head to an opposing team’s supply base, indicated with a flag on the map, and defeat whoever is controlling the base. Usually the leading officer will drop a case that contains a new weapon that will be added to the player’s stash at the end of the round, whether the player’s team wins or loses.

List Of Beginner Weapons

The bronze spear

Some of the beginner weapons that players will have access to near the start of the game include the following:

Spear: This is the starting weapon in the game. All players in every faction start with this weapon and it’s actually not that bad. It contains a moderate range of combo and sweeping attacks, and the starting stats are good enough to make the weapon have long lasting appeal whether players plan on keeping it or moving on to something else. The Musuo attack is a sweeping attack that works well for clearing out mobs or players quickly.

T. Sabers: The twin sabers are another set of early weapons that players can acquire either on the battlefield or from the weapon vendor in town. The twin sabers are a fast set of weapons that are good for small groups of mobs. And while the sabers may lack the range or combo consistency of the spear, they more than make up for it with speedy quick attacks that allow players to keep the enemy off their feet.

T. Maces: The maces are more of a strategist weapon set. They are slower than the sabers and the spears but more than make up for it with their sturdy display and output of pure crushing power. Plowing through enemy hordes using the Musuo rage attack makes them ideal for large characters who enjoy continually dominating the battlefield with a powerful set of short range weapons.

Twin picks

Axe: I’m not entirely sure what the benefit of the axe is at the early goings of the game. Out of all the weapons the axe seems to distill a sense of efficiency given that it’s not the fastest weapon in the bunch and certainly not the strongest. A player who simply likes wielding the axe and going around chomping the living daylights out of mobs will probably enjoy handling this short range weapon.

T. Picks: Slow and sturdy wins the race. Hailed as favored weapons of Pang De, the twin picks are not only adequate when it comes to range, but they pack a mean punch even at lower levels. Players who don’t mind the gawky animation set attached to the use of the picks will find them to be extremely effective at quickly and efficiently clearing out droves of mobs with the wide sweeping attacks and horizontal arcing blows from the pick’s Musuo attack.

The cudgel

Cudgel: Balanced and light on damage is about the best way to describe the cudgel. More appropriately, the cudgel is actually a light staff that focuses more on stun moves and continuous combos rather than dishing out painful strikes and finishing blows. Players who prefer keeping their opponents standing and stunned will find the cudgel perfectly suitable for the job, and while this weapon lacks a powerful Musuo rage attack, it more than makes up for it with its consistent speed and sweeping combo attacks.

One thing to keep in mind is that ALL the weapons on the game can be modified, upgraded and altered to suit the player’s style of combat and with a little effort, a few enhancement stones and some gold coin to complete the procedure, any of the beginner weapons can become a force to be reckoned with at higher levels.

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