A Strategy Guide for the Artilleryman Class in Atlantica

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The Artilleryman - Scourge of the Enemy Formation

The Artilleryman is one of the few class D mercenaries in Atlantica Online worth keeping in your party into the late game. The Artilleryman and Axeman are the two main character classes which tend to dominate the upper tiers of Atlantica Online PvP, which is a testament to the power of this class.

There are 3 features of the Artilleryman which make him the scourge of every enemy formation which you will face in Atlantica Online. The first is the artilleryman’s normal attack, which can strike any target in the enemy formation, and which does damage to all mercenaries adjacent to your central target. This attack is highly likely to stun your opponent’s units, which causes them to be unable to act for several turns. This stun effect is represented in game by a spinning pink halo over the unit.

The other two features which make this class dominant are the skills Chaos Wind and Deep Insight. We’ll have more on these skills further into this article.

The Artilleryman is a great addition for PvP AoE stun builds. These formation builds are tailored around dealing large amounts of damage to every unit in the enemy formation, while also preventing enemy units from being able to perform actions in the opponent’s turn in combat. In most every build of this type, an Artilleryman is a great addition, particularly as the player’s main character.

The Role of the Artilleryman

The Artilleryman essentially has one overall function in a player’s party. This is to deal out area-of-effect damage. Additionally, the Artilleryman can fire upon any unit at all in the enemy’s formation, which gives the class a bit of a sniper role as well. If there is a wounded opponent in the rear ranks of an enemy’s formation, the artilleryman can oftentimes do a great job of finishing them off.

In your own formation, you’re going to want to have your Artilleryman in the back ranks, protected by melee mercenaries or other tougher mercenaries. Even a Monk or a Shaman can oftentimes tank more successfully than an Artilleryman. Ranged mercs are simply quite weak when it comes to staying alive in a battle, though their capability to bring damage into the enemy’s back ranks is a worthy tradeoff for this.

The Artilleryman is also an excellent choice for a main character class. The skills Deep Insight and Chaos Wind are quite deadly when pumped up completely with skill books, and an Artilleryman main is actually a pretty tough customer. Additionally, stun AoE builds are some of the stronger PvP builds in late game PvP, and the Artilleryman is an excellent addition to such a build. A non-main Artilleryman is much weaker than a main character Artilleryman, so it’s absolutely worth consideration to make your main an Arty.

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