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Artilleryman Statistics

While the Artilleryman’s starting stats don’t look very impressive at first glance, there are a few which do stand out upon further inspection. The Artilleryman’s high Action Power and Magic Defense are important, as is his relatively high Intelligence. His high Action Power and Intelligence mean that you will be dealing out more magical damage, more often in the fight. His Magic Defense means that if you can keep him protected from physical damage, any magic damage which the enemy directs toward the Artilleryman won’t be likely to put him in much danger.

The Artilleryman is rather weak on physical defense, with low Vitality and Defense stats, which is a good reason to keep him in either the second or third rank of your formation, safely tucked away behind your tanking mercenaries. While the Artilleryman’s own physical attacks are not very damaging, his attacks are very likely to hit, and they have a high likelihood of stunning your opponent, which is the real strength of his physical attacks.

  • Strength: 200
  • Intelligence: 220
  • Dexterity: 160
  • Vitality: 210
  • Defense: 200
  • Magic Defense: 275
  • Action Power: 55-100

Overall, the Artilleryman has no major stat weaknesses which can’t be overcome by careful planning of the arrangement of your formation. His high Magic Defense means that as long as you have him protected by other mercenaries, he will keep on standing and dealing out high-damage area-of-effect spells and stunning attacks which can hit any area of the enemy’s formation. Weak physical defense is a fair trade-off for these abilities.

Additionally, the Artilleryman main is much tougher physically, making the Artilleryman excellent statistically as a main character.

Artilleryman Equipment

In the realm of equipment, the Artilleryman has the ability to equip not only armor, accessories, and a cannon, but he can also equip cannonballs which increase his attack power. Like arrows for an archer in most games, these cannonballs are used up whenever the Artilleryman performs a normal attack, but they are relatively inexpensive and the more powerful ones are definitely worth equipping in important fights.

It’s a good idea to equip your Artilleryman with armor and accessories which increase his Magic Defense, and Intelligence. Additionally, it’s a good idea to give him equipment with high Defense and Vitality bonuses, so that the effects of any physical attacks which he does receive are lessened. Finally, armor and accessories which increase the Artilleryman’s Dexterity are a good idea, as this stat is the one which most strongly effects his cannon damage. However, the Artilleryman’s real strength is in his magical spells, Deep Insight and Chaos Wind, whose damage is somewhat dependant on the Intelligence stat.

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