Dungeons and Dragons Online Pit Hints and Tips

Dungeons and Dragons Online Pit Hints and Tips
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Going To The Control Center

All right, this is it. You’ve made it this far and you’re ready to finally finish off this Dungeons and Dragons Online Pit hints and tips walkthrough. It’s been a tough journey but the rewards are well worth it once you finally get to the end of the arduous quest journey. keep reading to find out exactly what you have to do once you get to the final room.

Now for the final room in the dungeon – the intake control room – this room is located in the northern shaft at the very top level and across a small bridge. So head back to the “Cross over” point and keep going up to the top.

It is recommended that not everyone in your team runs into this room because it will aggro all the monsters making it very difficult to complete your objective.

Flipping The Switches

Taking down the shield

You will have to flip two switches located on both the left and right sides of the room just under the waterfalls of sewage. Be careful because every time you approach one of the switches they will spawn a small ambush of troglodytes, so move slowly and take them out one side at a time. It is also a good idea to snipe off the troglodytes up on the platforms first before moving down the stairs.

Another tactic is to aggro one small group of monsters and lead them back up to the top of the stairs and have your team take them out, and repeating that tactic until they all die. Once the room is clear of monsters they will all stay dead forever so it will be safe to proceed. Flip the two switches in the sewerage waterfalls, and then go turn the final valve at the far end of the room. The final valve will also spawn a few monsters near it, so don’t rush over to it, lure them away as well. After they are dead turn the final valve to complete the mission and turn the pit back online. Whew, you are now done. The last valve you turned also unlocks the Muck’s doom door at the very bottom of the pit…

The Muck’s Weapon of… Doom!

Getting Muck’s weapon

Now if you followed the guide and found all the valves in the furnace rooms and turned the pit back online, then the gate at the very bottom level of the dungeon should be open for you. Take the north shaft and make your way down to the bottom until you see a ladder that you can climb down. You can also feather fall down to the bottom if you have it to make things a bit faster. You will have to use the rocks to hop across to the open Muck’s doom door because the ground floor of the pit is lined with lava, so be careful when crossing. On harder difficulty settings the lava kills you instantly. When you make it down there, there are a few slime monsters that will attack you so dispose of them before moving on.

Inside the gate is the muck monster boss, Avatar of Juiblex. He can be a bit hard for low level players, but if you have a team he shouldn’t be too bad to beat. After the boss is dead there will be a treasure chest with a random item inside. If you are lucky you will get the rare Muck’s doom weapon which does massive damage to Oozes and slimes, and doesn’t wear down when hitting them like normal weapons do. If it’s not in there then you just get some random loot. Congratulations, you have just completed the Pit dungeon quest.

Now all you have to do is finish out and talk to Vargus d’Denith to gain your reward!

That wraps up this D&D Online Pit quest guide. For more Dungeons & Dragons Online walkthroughs or MMORPG guides, feel free to check them out right here at Bright Hub.

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