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Dungeons and Dragons Online The Pit guide
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Resetting The Power Breakers

Alright, finished part one and two of this Dungeons and Dragons Online The Pit guide and now it’s time to leave the furnace room and make your way to the top of the south shaft and head to the main breaker room. Keep in mind that this is the same shaft you are already in.

The breaker room is full of a bunch of pillars shooting lightning between them; this is another puzzle room where you have to disable all of the lightning pillars by pulling the switch inside the force field barrier.

The easiest way to do this is to have a resist lightning potion, drink it and flip the levers until the magic barrier drops around the switch. The levers you have to pull are random, so you will never specifically know which ones to pull. It’s best to just flip all of the levers down until it deactivates the barrier. Once the magic barrier is down flip the switch inside and move on. There is also a treasure chest on the left side of this room, and Jelly monsters that constantly keep spawning every few seconds just like in Secret of Mana. The optional boss Shylssass is located inside of the treasure chest room, if you want you can go do that part first, then come back for the switches.

The Main Control Room And The Bilge Room

Floor puzzle

Now you must head over to the main control room, which is in the southern shaft on the lower level. Just before you enter this room there is a shrine resting area just outside in case you need it. When you go into the room you will have to fight a few troglodytes, but they shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Sadly, this is yet another puzzle room but this time you have to change power tiles on the floor. There are four floor puzzles in this room, with troglodytes and slime monsters guarding it. If you’ve made it to this dungeon then you should have already done enough of these challenging puzzles in earlier dungeons to get through them without any problems. Once all four puzzles are lit up and the main control room is back up and running then you can move on to your next objective.

You will now have to go to the bilge room, which is located just above the main control room. Just take the ramp up a few floors until you reach it. Inside there are a couple of troglodytes and slime monsters, but once you kill them all, all you have to do is flip a switch…

Once the switch is flipped you can move on to the next objective. There is also a resting shrine area hidden within one of the funny looking walls here.

Alright, hang in there. By now you are almost to the end of the dungeon. You just have a few more tasks to complete before finishing. For the next part I found a trick that will make the final furnace room a lot faster and easier than what it normally is.

The Third Furnace Room

Crossing the pipe

Head back to the furnace area in the south shaft of the lower level, which is just below the bilge room. When you get to the furnace bridges take the right side path. This furnace room is a bit tricky, so make sure you have a feather fall spell with you. After you kill all the monsters (Which will keep spawning back), go to the back of the room where you will see a valve on the wall and a pipe sticking out of the floor. This part requires two or more people. One player will have to stand on the pipe while the other turns the valve that controls the pipes. Steam will shoot out of the pipe launching all the players standing on the pipe into the air and up onto the platform above. Follow the path around to where the second pipe is and kill the troglodytes, which were made famous in Final Fantasy. Stand on the second pipe and have your teammate flip the second valve located on the ground floor just below the pipe.

Now before you shoot in the air make sure you have feather fall turned on, if done correctly you should shoot up really high and float to the highest pipe directly above you. That pipe will lead you to the switch to turn on the third furnace, completely skipping the rest of the room. There is a wooden platform not far from the fire elemental, jump over there and flip the switch to finish this part. If you don’t fly up correctly you will fall down to another pipe or hit the ground floor. If that happens just try again until you get it right. Taking the other steam pipes around the room to get to the top is just a waste of time.

Third Furnace Room’s Optional quest

Chieftian Boss

Before you leave this room and jump back down, there is also one more platform that is located at the northwest part of the room all the way in the corner. This platform has another pipe and valve on it. Stay on the pipe at the very top of this room and make your way over to the corner, then feather fall jump to the platform below. You will need a second person with you or a hireling to help you out. Have one person turn the valve while everyone else shoots up into the room up above that leads up to two treasure chests.

The chests are guarded by three monsters; one of them is the optional boss monster Chieftain Ryssyssal, who can be a bit tough. You can go up there and take the chests if you want, but it is a bit difficult trying to get everyone up there.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you leave don’t forget to turn the blue valve for the Muck’s doom weapon, which is located on the south wall on the ground floor. After you flip the switch, you just have to complete the dungeon to open the Muck’s doom door.

That wraps up this part of the guide. You can check out more Dungeons and Dragons Online guides right here at Bright Hub.

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