Top 5 Fun PS2 Puzzle Games That You Can't Live Without

Top 5 Fun PS2 Puzzle Games That You Can't Live Without
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Great Puzzle Game #1: Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords (5 out of 5)

While Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords was released in 2007, it’s still one good little game to have around. The RPG content of the game overall adds a bit of depth to the puzzles that you are trying to solve, and the tetris like game play makes it addicting from the beginning. For those that love puzzle games (especially tetris) you will find that this great PS2 puzzle game is one you’ll want in your collection. And, the good news, you can find this title pretty cheap at your local gaming stores or online. Of course, there are a couple of downfalls, one being that the difficulty can sometimes be pretty inconsistent on the levels that you are playing, so don’t get too frustrated with this great little puzzler.

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cookie and cream box

This game is listed as several different things, such as a multiplayer party game, but the puzzle aspect of it makes it a great addition to any puzzle addict’s collection. With the fun story line of the two main characters, bunnies Cookie and Cream, you will help the pair make it through the puzzles that lay before them and find the moon - since, you know, it just up and decides to run away before the big festival. So, this great little puzzle game is one that crosses between pinball, shuffleboard, and a bit of imagination but adds one great game to your collection for cheap.

Great Puzzle Game #3: Mercury Meltdown Remix (5 out of 5)

mercury box

While this game is on some gamer’s bad list, I actually loved it. The overall puzzles are so good that you’ll forget any problems you have with the game and just try to get to the next level. In this pinball type game, your ball is actually a blob of Mercury that you have to oooooze through the levels, obstacles, and more to get yourself to the other side. There are tons of new levels, or worlds, in this version of Mercury Meltdown that any gamer will find addicting after they play it. I personally bought this one when it came out in 2006 and still love it, even though I’ve played it a million times.

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Great Puzzle Game #4: Bombastic (5 out of 5)

bomb box

Not for the faint at puzzle heart, Bombastic breaks many of the “normal” puzzle game rules and opts for some explosions instead of normal blocks. Bombastic is a great game for those hard core puzzle game fans who love a bit more depth to their strategies than just stacking blocks. The rules and the levels in Bombastic make it hard to put down, frustrating as hell, yet still keeps any puzzle game lover firmly addicted to it. You will find that once you get the hang of this one, something changes and you feel like you are starting all over. But, that is part of what makes this great PS2 puzzle game so much fun - and keeps you playing, and playing, and playing.

Images From Bombastic

Great Puzzle Game #5: Aqua Aqua (5 out of 5)

aqua box

For Nintendo 64 fans, you might remember this title if you are a puzzle game addict. While Aqua Aqua came out as a sequel to Wetrix for the 64, the game play stayed basically the same. But, the addicting part of this little puzzler still goes strong. The puzzles are a bit different here, instead of blocks or blobs, you are building pools with the pieces that are provided so that you can trap the water. There are special pieces that help you with building and moving the water so that you can create these pools and save the day. Even though this might not seem like a puzzler, it is, and a very addictive one at that. You will love this one, and it’s replay value, no matter what type of puzzle game lover you are.

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