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Dungeons and Dragons Online - The Pit Quest Guide Part 2

by: William Usher ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The second part of the extended guided walkthrough for the challenging quest series known as The Pit.

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    Starting Up The First Furnace

    Flipping the lever This is the second part of the Dungeons and Dragons Online Pit quest guide. It’s time to start up the furnaces before you can progress.

    There will be a part where the ramps goes off towards very thin small ledges that you will have to jump across to get to the next platform, but the easier way to do it is to take the small pipes that are leading to the center of the room and walk across them until you are near the three giant tubes. In order to activate the furnace you will have to get to the center of the three giants tubes and walk across the pipes to the other side of the ramps. By now you should see where the fire elemental is, to activate the furnace you will have to lock the elemental inside of a magical sphere. The lever to do this is on the platform closest to the elemental. Once the lever is flipped you will complete the task of starting the first furnace.

    Now don’t jump down to the bottom yet, there is a resting shrine area you can open up. Back at the center of the three giant tubes there is a small pipe that leads to a ladder, you should be able to see the ladder from the elemental platform leading up into the ceiling. Go find the small pipe that leads to the ladder and hop across the thin ledges to get to it and climb up the ladder. Hopping on the ledges is a bit difficult so activate feather fall before doing it. At the top of the ladder there is a signal crystal valve, turn it to access the hidden resting shrine that is located at the ground floor of this room. There is also a treasure chest inside the shrine room in case you decided to skip this part.

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    Activating The Security System

    Now make your way back the way you came and head up to the “Cross over” point to the north shaft, all the way back to where you started. The room is up above the entrance door of the dungeon all the way to the very top of the ramp, it will take you to the security center. For this part you will have to turn giant Rune wheels and match up the symbols in the proper order. This puzzle section can be a little tricky. Some sites tell you symbols to turn the wheel, but if you have low graphics you can’t see them, so instead we will do things differently. There are six Runes on one wheel, so we will use that as reference for how many times you should turn the wheels. Here is the easiest way to solve this puzzle:

    Rune wheels Purple rune wheel: Turn 3 times

    Yellow rune wheel: Turn 5 times

    Blue rune wheel: Turn 4 times

    Green run wheel: Turn 2 times

    Orange rune wheel: Turn 5 times

    Red rune wheel: Turn 4 times

    Once all the runes are in their proper place turn the lever on the top floor.

    There is a treasure chest on the bottom floor on the west side of the room. You will have to swim down a small hole in order to get to it. This room also has quite a bit of eggs lying around, so destroy them all to help you get closer to completing the optional quest.

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    Activate The Second Furnace

    Getting across the pipes Now make your way back to the “Cross over” point and to the lower levels of the south shaft to the furnace rooms. This time when you get to the furnace bridges take the bridge that leads straight ahead. Climb up the ladder and make your way to the top floor. There is an acid steam trap that is blocking you near the top of the ladder, but the valve to disable it is on the other side of all the traps so you will have to run to the other side and turn the valve to disable them. Just like the last furnace room make your way to the top by jumping across the pipes. You will eventually come face to face with a fire elemental that is blocking your path, don’t fight it just run past and climb the ladder located on the wall behind it.

    Just like last time take the pipes and make your way to the four giant tubes in the center of the room and hop across the pipe in the middle of them. There is another acid trap shooting out of the pipes so you will have to run across that pipe to lead you to the platform that has the elemental lever on it. Once you flip the lever all the elementals will be sealed in and you will activate this furnace. There is also a valve on the same platform that will shut off the dreaded acid traps on the pipe you crossed a bit earlier.

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    Second Furnace: The Optional Chest And Muck’s Doom Valve

    Activating the second furnance Now that the furnace is back online, there is one more chest that you can get in this room. If you go back to the four giant tubes and stand in the middle of them, there is a pipe you can take on the west side, it will lead you to an area where you have to jump across a small ledge and a few platforms. Make sure feather fall is on before jumping across because it is very hard to make the jump and not die. If you make it across there will be a ladder that leads you up to a treasure chest guarded by four troglodyte monsters. A lot of people die here because the troglodytes are a lot harder than most people think, especially for low level players. Once they are dead take the chest and make your way back down to the bottom floor.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t forget to turn the blue valve for the Muck’s doom weapon. It is on the bottom floor in the middle of the room on the north side of the wall. There is one more valve after this one in the third furnace room a bit later. You will have to flip that valve too in order to unlock the door for the Muck’s doom optional quest at the end of the dungeon.

    That wraps up the second part of this Dungeons and Dragons Online walkthrough, be sure to find more MMORPG quest guides right here at Bright Hub.