Dungeons and Dragons Online Korthos walkthrough

Dungeons and Dragons Online Korthos walkthrough
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Tip To Gain Favor

This is the second part of the Dungeons and Dragons Online Korthos walkthrough guide, to help new players get through the starting island with ease.

In Dungeons and Dragons Online you can repeat quests over and over again as much as you like, and each time you defeat one difficulty setting you will gain another harder one. For every time you complete a harder setting you earn “Favor”. Favor is used to gain “Turbine points” which you use to buy items in the cash shop.

Completing a mission on Elite will give you the most Favor, and after earning enough Favor you will receive a mail letter in the game letting you know you earned enough favor for some “Turbine points”. There is a limit to how much you can earn, but don’t worry; it’s quite a large amount for a new player to buy a few items. So to sum this up simply, doing quests on hard settings gives you free cash shop item points without you even having to spend a single dollar of real life money. Just make sure you have a strong party with you to complete the quests without dying.

The Scroll Of Lars Heyton

Searching for the scroll

Now it’s time to make your way to Linus weir who is sitting on the steps not far from the pub. He will ask you to go to the storehouse and bring back a scroll that is inside the building. The storehouse is located on the east side of the Pub, click on it to start the dungeon. Follow one of the doors out of the main room and into the next room. Both doors lead to the same place. In the next room you will find a box with a Key in it, destroy all the boxes in the room to locate it. As soon as you pick the key up it will spawn a boss monster in the room with you. After you kill the monster you will see that it opened up a secret wall, follow the tunnel down to gain a treasure chest.

Now go back to the room you first started in and use the key to open the locked door. There will be a Puzzle that you will have to solve on the floor before being able to take the scroll, because the scroll is incased in a magical orb. Upon solving the puzzle the orb will disappear and the scroll will be free to take. Read below on how you solve the puzzle. It may seem a bit confusing at first, but don’t give up, the puzzle is easier then it looks.

Solving The Storehouse Puzzle

Sneaking into the storehouse

First you will have to click the tile pieces to rotate them around in the right order. There are several ways to solve this puzzle, but here is one way to do it.

Let’s first start at the bottom corner piece to the far right, closest to where you enter.

We’ll call the four corner pieces the “power tiles” and the main glowing piece at the top the “Power Orb” because these are what will take the shield down. Rotate the first tile next to the “bottom right power tile” so that the piece is horizontal. Next rotate the “L” shaped piece to be vertical. Already you should see how this is starting to form out.

Storehouse puzzle

Now rotate the piece just above the “L” shape one so that it connects and forms a three way cross. There should be one more “three way cross” next to the first one on it’s right side, rotate that one so that it is facing up and also leads to the “Top right power tile. Now rotate all of the pieces near the “Bottom left power tile” to connect and complete the set.

Now go around to the very top of the orb and rotate the “three way cross” piece to connect it with the “Power Orb”, it should light up and show you which pieces are in the right order. Connect the pieces at the “Top left power tile” with the “Power Orb”. Now all you have to do is connect all the pieces to the bottom and on the right side

(Left side doesn’t matter). By now you should see how the pattern should go to finish it off. After all four power tiles are glowing the protective orb will disappear. Take the scroll and return it to Linus to complete the quest.

Hold The Line

Holding the line

Next you should go talk with Balder the bold near the Paladin trainer. He needs you to protect the crystal at Korthos hall from a small army of enemies that want to destroy it. The quest itself is quite simple, because all you have to do is make sure that the crystal doesn’t get destroyed. Hold the wave of 15 monsters back and away from the crystal to complete the quest. Return back to Balder to choose an item as a reward.

After you complete the quest make your way to the pub and talk with Sigmund Bauerson. He will give you a quest to wait in the pub to find Jacoby Drexelhand. This quest can be a bit hard to solo for low level players, so bring some friends along who can crowd control or off-heal. When the quest starts you will have to fight off a wave of monsters in the Pub. After you kill them all a treasure chest will appear behind the bar counter, it is a bit hard to spot at first so make sure to find and open it because it has some useful items inside.

Once you are done, head down the stairs to find Jacoby Drexelhand. When you go down stairs there will be a hidden door, search for it and open it. In case you fail to spot the door there is also a disguised lever in the barrel on the floor next to the hidden door. Make your way through the tunnel to find and kill Jacoby and a few goons that are with him. Once he is dead, take the treasure chest and report back to Sigmund in the pub to gain your reward.

Optional: There is another monster that spawns in the treasure chest room at the end, kill it for a boost of exp.

The Cannith Factory

Inside the factory

Now we go and talk with Ursa Jernsvard near the town’s main gates. She will ask you to find Lars Heyton. After you gain the quest keep going down the road until you come across the old cannith ruins, the manufactory is at the top of the stairs here.

When you get down in the factory you will come across a doorway blocked by wood, cut it down to get passed. This dungeon has traps near the beginning areas at a crossroad, so be careful when you are near them. Bring a rogue with you to disarm the traps or try your luck to run through them.

Factory optional quest

Doing additional quests

Near the first sword trap that you come across there will also be a poison trap, use your search skill to find the two hidden walls that are near by this area. One hidden wall is literally right before the first sword trap on the right side wall, and the second is just after the poison mist that is shooting out of the wall. Inside the hidden walls there are some valves, turn them both off to disable the trap to gain a bit of extra exp. If your skill is not high enough to turn them off, bring a rogue to help you out.

Finishing The Factory

Finishing the factory

After fighting your way through the dungeon you will come across a door that is magically blocked, there is a room not far from the door with 3 crystals being shot with ice jets. Unlock the door to get in, or turn the valve in the next “resting area” room to open the door for you. There are 6 valves that you must turn off in this room, and after all the valves are turned off you will be able to break the crystals to go in the magically blocked door.

Tip: Near this area there is another room with a locked cage door. Bring a rogue to unlock the door to gain the treasure inside.

Inside the magically sealed door you will find Lars Heyton, talk with him to start the battle. Your mission will be to protect him from a wave of monsters that are trying to kill him. Protecting him can be a bit hard for low level players because he can die quite fast, but there isn’t really any other tactic to it so it’s just best to have some help to keep him alive. After you save him talk to him once more, then go back to town to get your reward from Ursa.

This wraps up the second part of this three part walkthrough for Korthos Island. If you need more Dungeons and Dragons Online walkthroughs or MMORPG quests or class guides, feel free to check them out right here at Bright Hub.

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