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Dungeons and Dragons Online Walkthrough
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Welcome to Stormreach

This is a Dungeons and Dragons Online walkthrough guide to help new players get through their quest for the city of Stormreach. Unlike the Mabinogi Generation Quests, you can do these quest in any order that you please, but to make the guide easier to follow the guide will start with the pub missions first, then work around through the harbor from east to west until all the bottom floor missions are complete. Keep in mind that the exclamation marks in-game on the right side of your screen are your friends; so don’t be afraid to click them to gain a tip or two about the game. Now that that is all sorted out, let’s get started.

Once you complete Korthos Island and take the boat to Stormreach for the first time, Mari Mosshand will be waiting for you on the side of the dock with a starter quest. Talk with her to gain your first quest to make a check point with the spirit binder who is located in the pub. The pub is just on the right side of Mari and up the stairs. Talk to the spirit binder inside and make a check point in the city to complete the quest.

The Gambler’s Den

Talking with a few NPCs

Now for your first real mission, talk with Brother Malden who is standing right next to the spirit binder and receive the quest “Bringing the light”. He wants you to head down the street to put an end to a gambling house, just like you had to wipe out the thieve’s guild in Baldur’s Gate II. The gambler’s den is literally straight down the road from the pub in front of you.

When you enter the building there will be a door blocking you with two guards in front of it, dispatch them and move on. The next room will have a door straight ahead of you that is locked; you need to flip the switches located in the next two rooms, one located on the far left side of the building and the other on the right side of the building. While you are in the other two rooms destroy the gambling tables as well by attacking them, because that is your main objective.

After both switches are flipped make your way to the final room in the middle, the one with the door that used to be locked. There will be a man near the door who will flip a switch and let some dogs loose, kill them all and move on. For the greedy of heart if you go look inside the dog’s cage there will be a bag with an item inside, take it to gain some extra loot. Now go inside the final room and slay the guards and destroy the last two tables. In total you should slay 15 enemies and destroy 5 tables.

Optional Quest

Runes in the wall

In the final room there are three runes on the far left side wall, if your stats are high enough you can use them to open a secret wall that leads to another room. Inside the room is a special rogue boss. Kill him to gain a bit of extra loot and exp. He is also with two other goons, so if you are a low level player he can be a bit difficult Also keep in mind that once you go in the room, the door behind you will lock shut, and there is no way to get it back open once it closes. Any team members who didn’t make it in will be locked out, or if you die while inside then there will be no way to get back in. So make sure you succeed in one try. Once you are done make your way back to Brother Malden at the pub to complete the quest.

Tip About Mushrooms, Adventure Bags, and Debris

Scoping out the town

In certain missions you will come across clickable objects that have items inside of them, just like the quest items in Allods Online. If you gain enough of these items certain NPCs around town will give you free items for them. All you have to do is find one of these NPC collectors and tell them that you have the item that they are looking for. You can find out which NPC wants what item by going into your bag and holding the mouse over the item to read the description. The item will tell you who to retrieve the quest rewards from and how many they need to complete the set, upon handing the item over you will be given a small reward.

Stopping the Smugglers

Fighting off some enemy mobs

Now let’s go finish all the pub’s quest before moving out to the street. Go talk with Shir Clowenks D’Phiarlan who is sitting inside the pub to gain the quest “Information is key”, then head to Osgood’s basement to help him retrieve an artifact. The basement is located on the east side of the gambler’s den just down the street. When you enter there will be an iron defender dog guarding the main door, kill it and flip the switch to head into the next room.

The next room’s switch is hidden on top of a box at the top left side of the room hidden behind more boxes; flip it to open the hidden door. This will lead to a sewage access with some oozes inside. Don’t let the oozes touch you or they will break your equipment, so it is best to stay back and use range attacks to take them down. In the sewer you can look around to find some extra items located on the far west side of the map and a second on the Far East side of the tunnel. On the east side path there will be another tunnel that leads south, it will take you in the correct direction.

That concludes first part of the this beginner’s walkthrough for Dungeons and Dragons: Online. You can find more MMORPG walkthroughs and RPG class guides right here at Bright Hub.

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