Dungeons and Dragons Stormreach Guide

Dungeons and Dragons Stormreach Guide
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Finding The Artifact

If you’ve finished the first part of this Dungeons and Dragons Stormreach guide, then you’re ready to move on and find the artifact.

Down in the tunnel there will be two monsters guarding a door, kill them to trigger the gate on the side to open. The gate is blocking a valve, so once it opens turn the valve to open the main door. You will now make it to a healing point, keep going down the tunnel path and fight and kill the monsters to turn the second valve to open the next door. Follow the next tunnel until you make it to a pool of water, swim to the ladder up ahead and turn the valves at the top of the platform. If you cross the bridge at the top of the

Opening the gate

platform it will lead to a deadened wall which is actually a hidden door, go back down and jump in the water to open the hidden door. Take the eastern tunnel to take the items in the now open underwater gates and turn the valve which will open up the hidden door back at the top of the platform. Swim back to the ladder and climb up to move on.

The next part can be a bit difficult for lower levels if you don’t have a proper warrior tank and healer, so proceed with caution. You will have to fight a boss iron defender monster named “Shriketalon”, along with three human guards. After they are all dead take the artifact and the treasure chest that are in the room and return to Shir Clowenks D’Phiarlan to finish the quest.

Jorn’s Family Crypt

Sneaking through the crypt

Now to finish a few missions outside, lets start with Berne Jorn who is located on the west side of the Gambler’s den. He needs you to clean out some spiders from his Crypt. Head inside the dungeon located next to him to get started. When you enter the Crypt do not break the sarcophagus located inside, the mission will fail if more then 10 are destroyed. That may sound easy but each sarcophagus is so close together that any careless swings may destroy them, and to make things even worse the monsters can also destroy them if they get too close, so be careful where you aim and take the spiders down quickly.

Your main mission is to clear the east, north, and south wings of the cavern of at least 10 spiders for each wing (total of 30 spiders). You will start on the west end, so there is no need to do that wing. This mission is quite easy and straightforward, but the mass number of spiders and the fact that this is a solo mission can make things a bit difficult for you, especially if you are a bit careless with where you aim. At the west end of the map there are two rooms with switches in them, flip them to open the boss room door. Now all you have to do is kill the boss and report back to Jorn to finish the quest. You can go back in later and destroy all the sarcophagi but in doing so you won’t gain any experience, only a bit of gold and a few items…

The Tax Collector

Looking for the tax collector

Now go make your way up the ramp on the north end of the harbor, near where the smuggler’s basement is located. Talk with Berrigan Enge who is standing not too far from the ramp. Mister Enge wants you to collect some over due taxes from a man named Miller Tarrigan. Go inside Miller’s house which is located just behind where Berrigan is standing. Mister Tarrigan has a very large and evil basement, so tread carefully because this is another solo mission, no friends are allowed.

The mission isn’t hard so you should be able to get through it quickly on the normal setting. After the first room you enter you will come to a path with a fork in the road, the path leading straight ahead has a trap between the boxes, so be careful, the other path leads to the same place but without the extra danger, and has another door which is the correct route to take. The multiple traps in the boxes aren’t enough to kill you, but it could hamper a low level player by taking a bit of damage from them.

Finding The Goods

Getting the goods from the dungeon

Taking the correct path will lead you to a locked door, kill the two monsters to open the door and move on. You will then find Miller standing in the next room; talk with him to open the door and collect the payment… If only it was that easy though.

Sadly talking to Miller will trigger a small boss that will run out of the next room, and it is your job to fight and kill it to gain the goods in the chest. Lucky for you though, the boss isn’t too difficult to take down so you shouldn’t have any problems with it. Dispatch the boss monster that is guarding the chest and take the payment back to Berrigan to complete the quest.

From here on out you should be set to take on the other quests in Stormreach. For more Dungeons and Dragons Online guides be sure to check them out right here at Bright Hub, as well as other MMORPG guides, or feel free to learn more about the game by visiting the Official Website.

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